[HOT] : How to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Specter weapon bug

As RPG shooters, Mass Effect games are all about collecting the best possible weapons to fight the Reaper invasion, and the Legendary Mass Effect Edition Specter weapons are some of the best available. Unfortunately, at the moment, the best Specter Gear X weapons are bugged and are essentially missing from the new re-release of Mass Effect 1. Fortunately, there is a patch available, or at least a workaround.

Fixed a bug on the Specter weapons of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The only way to fix the missing Specter weapon bug is to have a save right before Shepard becomes a Specter in Mass Effect 1.

Load the save, watch the cutscene, then immediately head to the C-Sec requests manager and open the store. This will update the inventory throughout the game, meaning the player can now load their last campaign save and level X Specter weapons should be available.

This workaround was discovered by Reddit user Xecil. If the player doesn’t already have a game save before Shepard became a Specter and doesn’t want to play the game again just to fix this bug, JohnC2211 on NexusMods has kindly made a save available. This is a real simple save file, so it’s only meant to fix the Specter gear issue, but as mentioned before, once the Specter master gear is available in the C-Sec store, it should also be unlocked during a subsequent save.

The reason the bug is occurring is that the Level X Specter gear was originally linked to the ‘Rich’ achievement, but now BioWare has reworked things so that the trigger that links the achievement and the Specter weapons does not work. more.

This is certainly not the only problem with the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect at the moment. Most Xbox Series X crashes have been fixed, but there are still interaction issues and bugs with the Mako vehicle. Hopefully BioWare is currently working on a fix for all of these issues.

Mass Effect 1: How to get the Specter Supreme Gear

Whether to complete Mass Effect 1 to 100% or just destroy your opponents, where can you find Specter weapons?

Many secrets are hidden in the universe of Mass Effect. Completing them will raise money, equipment, and experience for Shepard. Among these objectives, it is in particular possible to unlock unique weapons: the supreme equipment of Specter. Some spoilers are present in the solutions.

How do you unlock the Specter arsenal?

The Specter supreme gear is the most powerful in the game. It offers higher damage, greater distance, and better shooting stability. However, the latter is not offered, and certain conditions must be respected before being able to access this stock. They can be purchased from the Supply Officer in the Normandy’s hold, or in Citadelle: Sécurité. Each weapon existing in 2 different versions, 2 distinct unlocks are necessary.

Level VII equipment

To unlock this first level of gear, Shepard must have a million credit on him. This is not a cumulative amount, but an amount to have with you. Once this amount is reached, Supply Officers can supply Shepard and his crew with the Specter VII gear. The latter is also unlocked for all future games, whether it’s a new save or a New Games Plus.

Level X equipment

This second level can only be unlocked if you have reached that of the million before. Then you just have to go up to level 50 with your character so that the stock fills up. Weapons cost more, but dramatically increase firepower. This unlock only works for the save that has reached level 50. It is necessary to redo the game in New Game Plus in the original version of Mass Effect to reach this level.

Supreme Specter Gear

Armed Cost Damage Heat Precision
150 000 256 23,8 87
(f. pump)
280 000 320 5,8 90
(assault f.)
250 000 336 62,5 75
(f. of precision)
320 000 278 1,8 85
562 500 294 29,3 88
(f. pump)
1 050 000 378 7 91
(assault f.)
937 500 384 77,3 77
(f. of precision)
1 200 000 336 2 86

You are now armed to face all the dangers that stand before you in the galaxy. But other secrets await you in the various opuses of Mass Effect.

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