[HOT] : How to play SnowRunner on Playstation 4

In 2017, Focus Home and Saber Interactive offered us Spintires: MudRunner, a successful off-road simulation with excellent driving sensations, a convincing physics engine but tinged with some concerns such as high repetitiveness, somewhat dull graphics and a failed ___pit view. . Overall though, the game has established itself as the benchmark of the genre.

Ice Road Truckers

For the past few days, SnowRunner, the sequel to MudRunner, has been available on PlayStation 4. If you love the Convoy of the Extreme, then you’ve come to the right place!
Free from real scenario, the game proposes to carry out various missions or other contracts according to the proposed regions. It is true that this element can lose the player a bit, but you get used to it very quickly.

The game begins in Michigan, just to complete a tutorial explaining the basics of demanding gameplay. May MudRunner fans rejoice: if you thought you knew everything, handling your vehicles like the back of your hand, SnowRunner sets the record straight and wants to be even sharper!

But for newcomers, what is the essence of this franchise that has already won over a large number of players?
SnowRunner is an off-road driving simulation in an open world with multiple backgrounds.

To help you in this adventure, contracts are scattered over three huge regions: Michigan, Alaska and Russia. Each of them is divided into three or four interconnected cards. The area is gigantic and represents 30km2, or three times the size of MudRunner.
To begin with, the player is at the controls of a Chevrolet CK1500. First objective, discover the watchtower nearby and as in other open world games, it reveals the map and points of interest of the sector: gas stations, garages, places of interest and especially the relief and the potential difficult passages.

Mud is very present

Driving sensations are at the heart of the game

The L1 button serves as a clutch and manages automatic speed, low speed, shifting to 4 × 4 (AWD) for certain vehicles. You can also see in real time its consumption and the amount of gasoline remaining. There are no less than forty vehicles to unlock, each with a predominance of terrain. For a contract, you have to choose the right truck or group of vehicles to complete the mission.

To help in this choice, a brief description gives the indications on the machines and in the garage, it is now possible to improve or specialize a transport. More or less powerful engine, gearbox, low or high suspension, tires, roof grille with gasoline reserve, snorkel … everything is modifiable but you have to take into account the potential consumption, the weight of the vehicle and the majority of the nature of the road. The same goes for adding an empty or loaded trailer. The behavior obviously changes depending on the weight transported, the equipment chosen and the nature of the terrain.

Mud, river bed, snow, ice, rocky scree: Mother Nature does not spare the player and the hundreds of kilometers made in other games are a far cry from those made in SnowRunner. All these geographical elements associated with the day / night cycle and other bad weather are the most difficult aspects of the challenge. It happens, especially during the first hours, to find oneself blocked and having to restart the current contract several times because the player has misjudged the course.

Getting out of other stuck vehicles is one of the player’s tasks.

We love, we want more and we progress

The winch is an important part and allows you to hang one of these stuck vehicles (for example) but also to cling to an element of the scenery and thus get out of obstacles by obtaining sufficient speed to get out of a mud field. Be careful with the fixed element, a tree that is too small is not useful. Otherwise it’s back to square one!

The same goes for the management of damage on various key points of the vehicle which modify the conduct. A return to the garage serves as a repair.
The physics is exceptional and, once tamed, allows you to suffer less during these raids.

Of course, not everything is accessible immediately, between the watchtowers to be found and the contracts to be succeeded in order to unlock others. Each mission offers experience points and valuable dollars. Points contribute to the driver’s level, unlocking new vehicles available for purchase and ever more powerful parts to improve transport conditions, for a few hundred dollars. Transporting goods, repairing a structure (like a bridge), clearing a stuck vehicle: each mission is more varied than in MudRunner and some remain blocked until others have been completed.
We are in a process of continuous improvement. The studio has thus doubled the number of vehicles available and major brands in the industry are present: CAT, Fort, Western Star, Pacific Trucks, Freightliner …

We can also talk about the map of the current area with the possibility of placing landmarks and the passage in ___pit view which adds immersion to the game but which lacks realism.

Wheels with chains, mandatory equipment

A game worth seeing

In summary, SnowRunner offers a huge open world where the Fedex quests often criticized in other games take on their full meaning here. And that for tens of hours, with each region having a completion percentage calculated based on vehicles unlocked, hit points discovered, upgrades found, and missions completed.

As for the realization, Saber Interactive has refined his baby and offers a varied and very fine realization. The deformation of the mud and the snow under our passage, the climatic changes, the day / night cycle and the effects of the headlights are very realistic. There are some texture problems and physics bugs (but surely fixed in the next patches).

Each time you load, an artwork and a little anecdote about the SnowRunner universe are present. The music is discreet but quite repetitive.
The big criticism to be made about the game is in the apparent lack of life: apart from a cloud of birds, there is no living soul. We obviously understand why: in order to concentrate on driving and not having to manage other vehicles!
The camera tends to get carried away also on certain passages.

Editor’s Note:

Not necessarily a follower of this genre, I took great pleasure in discovering this game which is intended to be exhilarating but which can quickly discourage due to its high standards. A word of advice: you have to persevere and more advanced vehicles make life much easier. Cooperation is also a great positive point and is achieved by four people. Even if everything remains sketchy, teaming up with other players to accomplish challenges is a first.
The number of things to achieve in the game is enormous. We also rely on Community Mods and additional content from the developers to add many already well-rounded hours to the base game.