I tested Snowrunner before its release and since then I’ve been hooked (find my introductory article here). I play it regularly but not long enough for my taste #sigh! There is so much to do in a day.

I don’t count the number of times I’ve been stuck, drowned, ended up on my side or on my back, too damaged to continue or out of gas in short, this game is not easy! Snowrunner requires patience and a certain mastery of the functions. If at the beginning we go there like a nag, necessarily …

Vehicle storage and movement from card to card

At the beginning, I got stuck for a long time on several missions due to a lack of equipment on the vehicles available on the map.

Except thatthere is a truck “storage” option ! It is in the garage, in the management menu of each vehicle. Down you can sell, store or deploy the selected vehicle. Be careful not to sell it by mistake, however, that would be a shame.

Storing a truck allows it to be used in any other garage from another map but also from another region. So a special snow all-terrain military 4 × 4 will perform just as well in rainy as in mountainous terrain! Ditto for your favorite super truck that you will customize as the missions progress.


I could have talked about this first, but without the storage option it sometimes limits the possibilities. Whatever the card, I strongly suggest that you go exploring with an all-terrain vehicle.

Go deep into the mountains, the small paths often impassable with large sideboards. Accept missions / contracts in passing, you can come back to them later and / or look for hidden improvements, abandoned vehicles … And above all, discover the observation towers.

An open area will make it possible to know all the practicable roads in order to be able to honor the contracts. Sometimes you will need to repair bridges or clear landslides to use them.

Observation towers

Once discovered, these towers show you a large part of the map, but also the aforementioned missions and other options of this portion of land. This greatly facilitates the game, but they are not always easy to access. Hence the interest of having a small all-terrain vehicle on hand …

Improvement, sale and purchase of vehicles

When I started the game, I said to myself “no, don’t sell, this truck could be useful to me one day or another!” “. If this is true at the very beginning of the game, then this statement is false. The more contracts you make, the more money you will earn and this one will serve to improve vehicles but also buy others. Indeed, for some contracts or cards, “basic” vehicles will not be enough!

Without an all-terrain wheel-drive truck, it is impossible to pass snow-covered areas, sloughs or some rocky terrain.

So I sold a truck for 135,000 dollars and I bought another (all terrain) for 125,000 dollars (approximately, it is from memory)! Be careful, however, to study the different characteristics. : engines, traction, driving wheels, all terrain or snow, fuel consumption of the truck desired … Some have a good face but are less interesting than others, so what do we prioritize? Design or functionality?

Besides buying or selling, the improvement of the trucks is really interesting. If the paint skins are free, the rest is payable. Some options are on sale regardless of the truck, on the other hand others depend on the improvements found on the maps. Hence the interest of exploring the maps. Buying a reserve of gasoline, a spare tire, adapting one of the trucks with a winch or with a gas tank can be useful.

How to recover a truck damaged in nature?

Thanks to the explorations, I recovered several trucks. Once spotted, just take them back to the garage to repair them automatically. Then we can sell them or use them.

No need to tow them to the garage. Open the missions window, in the first tab at the top left, you will see the trailers and your trucks present on the map, including abandoned vehicles that you may have spotted with another truck previously. Click on it and select it as a “playable” vehicle.

The damaged truck will not necessarily be able to roll. Click on “V” and select the “return to garage” option. The truck is automatically found in your reserve, all damage repaired and refueling!

Gasoline, winch and transmission

If on the highway things are going well enough, apart from the rocks that can hang around or the frost in Alaska, as mentioned above, you will need one or more vehicles that allow you to use the drive wheels.

All-wheel drive is one of the key elements of Snowrunner, just like the winch for that matter. Without them impossible to complete certain missions. Sold “basic” on certain vehicles, it is impossible to buy them on other trucks without finding these “options” in the maps. Otherwise, no choice, it will cost to buy the ideal truck otherwise.

Be patient ! No need to drive full throttle, you will often end up in the ditch. And the drive wheels siphon off fuel faster than conventional driving. It is therefore necessary to marry the different driving styles, to practice outside the mission and to find the right rhythm for each terrain.

Plan your mission route on the map before you go. Locate gas stations, tank trailers or purchase an additional tank. Otherwise, if you run out of gas, do not come back to the garage! Select a vehicle in your garage, find the one left behind, and share the fuel. Stand side by side, open the vehicle options menu, and trade in gasoline.

Finally, use the winch when it is not possible otherwise. In the quagmires always ride next to the trees. If you ride out of range of a winch hitch, you’ll get stuck. You can also play with the gears or use the differential lock, at low speed, you will hang more on the ground to take off again slowly. There are several winch options. Quickly buy a longer and more powerful winch on your reference truck, that’s a friend’s advice!

Last advice before you go. Some missions (or access to tunnels) will only be unlocked after a certain game (driver rank). So be patient, do the missions for your level before moving on to the others. If you get stuck, leave it aside and come back to it later.

SnowRunner some game tips

SnowRunner beautiful game very well designed and produced, will require a lot of different skills to overcome: it is a demanding game!

First of all, patience, more patience and always patience: some missions can take a long time to achieve and the crash is always a threat (like 500m from the goal, failure! It takes nerves)

A few piloting notions will be sufficient except for delicate crossings and there, we will refer to some tutorials on the web, if we do not know anything. But frankly, some courses are seriously hairy: style downhill, climb, rocks, mud, descent and hairpinback on the edge of the precipice! Sometimes not eating is a miracle and a challenge to the laws of physics ?

No mistake, you will also need the talents of experienced logisticians and think about your progress: you won’t advance in SnowRunner if you don’t use your brain ?

From the start of the game, one can be misled by the presentation and embark on exploring Canada… Big mistake to avoid and do wisely in order all levels starting with Michigan… because as as it is severely damaged.

My advice: bring in vehicles and mail by completing the main missions (some secondary ones don’t bring in much and are sometimes wouaa! If you don’t have the gear, forget! From Michigan go to Alaska, then to Russia, then return to the other 2 levels to finish the main missions, and the secondary ones.Then attack Russia again and the last 2 levels, with a comfortable jackpot.

Do not forget to bring back your various trailers and seedlings, if we are not careful, after a few hours of play, there will be everywhere, and it represents stones!

Look out for the cards to overcome the lack of gasoline supplies and bring tanks there.

Trace your routes well, we quickly get lost and find ourselves in the mud, or to make an impossible U-turn with tons of junk.

Spend some time in exploits: lots of vehicles and upgrades are downright hidden! And then spotting the ground is frankly useful!

And for times of discouragement, you can easily find the walkthroughs on the web.

Have fun with SnowRunner Friends of the Heat Engine ? this is a fantastic game that absolutely deserves to be in your library.

Personally I love this phew game: for me one of the most beautiful games of the last 2 years in the world of vehicles

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