[HOT] : How to unlock the International Paystar 5600TS (SNOWRUNNER PHASE 3)?

La phase 3, called “Locate & Deliver” continues the deployment of the Snowrunner Season Pass. It brings, among other things, two new maps in the Wisconsin region as well as three new vehicles: the Pacific P512, the International Paystar 5600TS and the Boar 45318.

Find in this article a complete presentation of the new vehicle, the International Paystar 5600TS!

How to unlock the International Paystar 5600TS?

When you start Wisconsin Cards on Snowrunner, the International Paystar 5600TS will be blocked. You will therefore not be able to buy it at the garage. To unlock it you will have to go to the second map of the area, Grainwoods River.

Go northeast, at the point indicated on the map below, and you will find the International Paystar 5600TS parked in the parking lot of a factory. Approach it and you can take control of it. At the same time, it will be unlocked in the garage for the sum of $ 126,600.

General presentation of the International Paystar 5600TS

The International Paystar 5600TS is a vehicle of the category “Heavy”. This new truck is therefore rather a large size, very long and equipped with 5 axles.

On the basic characteristics side, we will note a tank of 280L, the possibility of having an AWD and an activatable differential lock and respective notes A- A- C-. You will find all of its basic characteristics on the screen below.

Once unlocked, the Garage Purchase Price is $ 126,600.

Now let’s take a look at the possible customization of the vehicle.

We will first note the possibility of having 3 different engines, the basic one and two improved versions: the Westline V16 model 2300 (can be found on the map Northern port) and the Westline V16 model 2450 (findable on the map Peter Bay).

  • On the gearbox side, the player has four possibilities: “Balanced” (basic choice), “fine tuning” (found on the map Black badger lake), “High speed” (can be found on the map Mountain river) and “All-terrain” (can be found on the map Drummond Island).
  • As for the suspensions you will have the choice between two models: standard suspensions and raised suspensions (can be found on the map Black badger lake).
  • Four types of winches are available directly for purchase: standard heavy, long heavy, advanced heavy and dual engine heavy.
  • You can also change your differential lock: two bases your vehicle will not be equipped with it, but you can add an activatable lock (can be found on the map Grainwoods River).
  • You can also change the AWD of your vehicle: basic it will not be equipped, but you can add an activatable type AWD (found on the map Black badger lake).
  • As for the chassis modules, you will have a very large choice of customization: PC-320 heavy crane, logging front (novelty added with phase 3 for transporting tree logs), log loader crane (also new), various trailers, maintenance chassis modules, fuel reserve, a low hitch …

What use for the International Paystar 5600TS?

The International Paystar 5600TS is a “Heavy” type truck. After a few tries, this truck is quite manoeuvrable and has good speed. To go on difficult grounds, it will be preferable to equip it with the differential lock and to have unlocked the activatable AWD.

The big strong point of this new vehicle is on the side of the customization. As shown above, gamers have a variety of Chassis Mods to choose from (over a dozen), making it useful in many situations.

With the arrival of phase 3 “Locate & Deliver” which will take place in the world of logging, the International Paystar 5600TS will be ideal for transporting tree logs. It has many points in common with the Pacific P512 and will probably have a fairly similar utility. Notable differences, the International Paystar 5600TS has an AWD unlike the Pacific P512 but no top hitch.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on this brand new International Paystar 5600TS truck, in the comment of the article or on our social networks facebook and twitter. Good discovery to all!