[HOT] : How to unlock the necromancer class in Loop Hero

Devolver Digital’s Loop Hero starts everyone off as a basic warrior class. However, by upgrading the buildings in your city, you can unlock a few other classes that change things up a bit. Some players will certainly fall in love with the Rogue Class, but the Necromancer is the only one who brings undead friends to the battlefield.

Unlike the warrior and the thug, the necromancer does not engage directly with his enemies. Instead, they summon skeletons to bid for them. You’ll also equip them with a magic shield that will reset at the start of each fight, giving them a bit more survivability than you expected.

To unlock the necromancer, you will need to construct several buildings. After you’ve replenished your initial campfire at your base, you’ll need to set up a field kitchen. These are the necessary resources that you will need to create the country kitchen.

  • 3 Preserved wood
  • 2 preserved stone
  • 1 Food supply

The Country Kitchen gives you extra heals every time you do a full loop during the play cycle. Next, you will need to build a gymnasium. This building unlocks Traits and Villages. Traits give you additional abilities after killing enough enemies and villages unlock quests. Here’s how to build a gymnasium.

  • 2 Stable wood
  • 3 preserved rock
  • 6 stable metal
  • 1 Metamorphosis

We’re not done yet though. After you get the gymnasium up and running, it’s time to build a graveyard. This allows you to resurrect the hero if he encounters an untimely ending and gives you a good way to reclaim “memory shards” resources. Here’s how to create a cemetery.

  • 4 Stable wood
  • 14 Preserved rock
  • 2 stable metal

Finally, you are ready to build the crypt. This is where you will unlock the Necromancer. This requires a resource we haven’t talked about yet called an “expansion orb”. To acquire one, you will have to fight a group of enemies that number more than four. Here’s everything you need to build the crypt.

  • 4 Stable wood
  • 16 preserved stone
  • 9 Stable metal
  • 1 Expansion Orb

Once you’ve built the crypt, simply select the necromancer before your next loop and try out the skeleton master.

Play as the necromancer in Loop Hero

the Necromancer is the most complex class of Loop Hero. Unlike warriors or thieves, they prefer not to engage in combat themselves. While they can fight in a pinch, their primary approach to any violent situation is to summon undead fighters to fight for them.

The Necromancer has the following class stats, almost all of which are unique to the class:

  • Defense
  • Avoid
  • Regeneration
  • The power of the skeletons
  • Summon quality
  • Summon Speed ​​(works like Attack Speed ​​for other classes)

There are five possible types of skeletons that the necromancer can summon: Friendly, Guard, Warrior, Archer, and Mage. At the base, friendly matches are the most common, followed by guards and warriors. Archers and Mages can only be summoned after there are at least four other Skeletons in play.

Better summoning quality will improve the chances of spawning a guard or warrior, as well as the chance of spawning mages once their requirements are met.

Skeleton Might improves the health and damage stats of summoned Skeletons at higher levels.

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