[HOT] : How to unlock the rogue class in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is all about going through the same process and gameplay, trying to make new random events happen. One thing you can do in the game is change your character’s class, and one class you can change into is the thug. A thief will be much more agile and able to deal more damage against enemies, but he won’t be able to have as much health, which will make him a squisher.

To unlock the rogue class in Loop Hero, you need to purchase several upgrades for your camp. The starting upgrade is the Field Kitchen, and you can pick it up after completing the tutorial. These are the necessary resources that you need to create the country kitchen.

  • 2 Persevered wood
  • 2 Persevered Peter
  • 1 Food supply

You receive food when you return to camp for the first time in Loop Hero, by completing the tutorial. Wood and Stone are available when you place Grove, Meadow, and Mountain cards while going through your Loop Cycle. However, the Country Kitchen doesn’t unlock the Rogue class, but it does grant you access to the building that does: the Refuge. These are all the supplies you need to set up the shelter.

  • 12 Persevered Wood
  • 2 Persevered Peter
  • 4 stable metal
  • 7 Food supplies

You can earn twigs and pebbles by dropping Rock, Mountains, and Meadow cards as you walk around. When you gain enough of them during your run, you can combine them into Persistent Wood and Stone. Stable metal is the most difficult to find. You have to combine the junk cards you receive by dropping treasure cards and then placing meadow cards around. Food supplies work the same as Persistent Wood and Stone, except you need rations.

Once you have had enough of each resource, you can place the refuge in your camp. Just before starting another loop, you can choose to change classes on the main screen.

The second class of Loop Hero is called the thug . You can unlock it by building the refuge in your base camp.

The Thief isn’t an easy class to start your loop with, but its high damage output is certainly worth it. Good build is, of course, the key to your survival, so let’s take a look at the thief’s stats, cards, and stats.

A good strategy for a strong rogue build is to get a decent critical chance – around 30-50% – combined with a high attack speed and then maximize critical damage as much as you can. A high attack speed means more attacks, and a high critical rate means more of those hits will deal bonus damage.

The rogue trophy system

Wondering why you haven’t received any articles yet? The rogue class manages the loot system in a unique way. Instead of collecting equipment after defeating an enemy, you will collect trophies . Trophies are automatically transported to your Trophy Bag (in the lower right corner of your inventory) and then automatically converted to Equipment when you reach the Cozy Campfire Tile. This means that you only get new gear once per loop.

You can still equip new gear during your loop, but you will lose your current inventory when you return to the Campfire tile. As a rule of thumb, the more enemies you defeat during the loop, the better your equipment rewards.

The best rogue traits

Picky . This characteristic will reduce the amount of equipment received by three, but it increases the quality of that equipment in return. It is far better to receive a few good articles than a lot of unnecessary articles, so that’s a lot.

  • Old scars . This will increase the Thief’s Max HP by 1 for each trophy received. This effect can stack well, but only if you get it early on.
  • Fuss. This reduces your damage received by 7% for each additional enemy. If you regularly face 3-4 enemies at the same time (for example, if you have gone for the spider generation strategy), this trait is of great help.

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