[HOT] : How to unlock the true ending of Persona 4 Golden Part two

It is technically not necessary to do this for the original True Ending. But, as mentioned, the golden end is the real real real end so it’s worth doing it all.

Persona 4 Golden True Ending

Whether you’ve cleared the Hollow Forest or just passed on Marie S. Link, the calendar moves to March 19 after Valentine’s Day, and it’s time to make bigger choices the next day.

On March 20, you must visit all the people with whom you have maximized a social connection. They are in the same places they were for the rest of the game, except Yukiko. Yukiko is at the Amagi Inn, but you can just take the bus to get there.

After you’ve spoken to everyone, you’re prompted to go home to leave. Say no, or you’ll just get the normal Persona 4 ending. Then make sure your gear is in order. You will be in one last dungeon at the end of it all, and you cannot exit once you enter.

After choosing to stay, head to the Junes food court and check out the elevator. You will have other prompts to choose from after that.

  • You will be asked again if you wish to return home. Again say no.
  • Then say, “I haven’t finished yet.”
  • After that choose “Yes”
  • And then choose “Something is missing”

Now go to the Samegawa Floodplain area and talk with Dojima and Nanako, then go to the Velvet Room to get a special item from Igor called Orb of Clarity. (If you are playing on New Game +, return to the Velvet Room to unlock a special boss battle against Margaret).

Finally, go to the gas station in the southern part of Inaba shopping district and talk to the attendant. There are several options to choose from for learning more about the operator, and there is no danger of going wrong here.

Once you’re done, you’ll unlock the real final dungeon: Yomotsu Hirasaka, the place at the very beginning in the protagonist’s dreams. It’s a 9 story dungeon with yet another multi-part boss fight at the end. This time around, the final bosses are level 90 and are equipped with the strongest multi-target spells and mind charge. Keep this in mind and cover your weaknesses.

Once you’re done, you’ve completed all of the Persona 4 Golden actual ending requirements. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor

That’s all you need to know about the true end of Persona 4 requirements, but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 4 Golden guides in the coming days. Persona 4 Golden PC is out now on Steam for $ 19.99. Atlus hasn’t said if the Vita port will come to PS4.


December 3

It is this evening that you witness the death of Nanako on her hospital bed; the whole team is in shock and goes to Namatame’s room to put an end to his murders.

Except that you are not sure that he is the real killer and that in this matter, many gray areas still remain to be clarified. Make your friends listen to reason by answering in this order:

1. Wait a second here…

2. We’re missing something.

3. Namatame’s true feelings.

4. Something’s bothering me.

5. We’re missing something.

6. Calm the h**l down !

December 5

Investigate potential suspects by interviewing any NPCs you come across in the North and South Shopping District, Junes Mall, and Samegawa Flood Plain.

Once the information has been collected, you will automatically find all your friends at the restaurant. As the discussions progress, you have the choice between several suspects and at the risk of unlocking a bad ending, you have to guess the real killer in 3 tries.

The correct answer is: Adachi.

Mars 2012

On the day of your departure, don’t go home and visit the city in search of all the friends with whom you have maximized your social link at rank 10.

  • Marie (Aeon) : Shopping District sud.
  • Chie (cart): South Shopping District.
  • Rise (Lovers) : Shopping District sud.
  • Shu (Tower) : Shopping District sud.
  • Yukiko (Priestess): near the shopping district bus stop and visit the Amagi hotel.
  • Sayoko (Devil): near the shopping district bus stop and visit the hospital.
  • Eri (Temperance): near the shopping district bus stop and visit Day Care where you were looking after her child.
  • Fox (Hermit) : Temple au Shopping District nord.
  • Kanji (Emperor) : Shopping District nord.
  • Kou & Daisuke (Strength) : Shopping District nord.
  • Naoki (Hanged man) : Shopping District nord..
  • Nanako (Justice) & Dojima (Hierophant): in front of the house.
  • Yosuke (Magician) & Teddie (Star) : Junes.
  • Hisano (Death): near the river in Flood Plain.
  • Ai (Moon): near the lockers of Classroom Building 1F.
  • Naoto (Fortune) : Classroom Building 1F.
  • Yumi or Ayane (Sun): Music club, Drama club or Practice Building, 1F.

Once all your friends have met the game automatically suggests you to return home, choose “No” and continue exploring the city. Refuse to come home whenever the game suggests.

Then examine the elevator at Junes Mall twice and choose the option “I’ve got some unfinished matters”. After the show, go to Flood Plain River to talk with Dojima and Nanako.

Next destination, the Velvet Room, Igor gives you an artifact that will allow you to discover the whole truth. If it’s a NewGame +, visit the Velvet Room again to trigger a scene with Margaret who will give you an invitation to fight her on the top floor of Heaven Dungeon.

It’s the hour of truth, meet the guy who works at the gas station in the South Shopping District and talk to him until he reveals his true identity and invites you to confront him in a new dungeon: Yomotsu Hirasaka. Complete the latter to finish the game.

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