[HOT] : How to unlock Tuz 16 “Actaeon” on Snowrunner?

The update 6.0 begins the deployment of the Season Pass “Search & Recovery” on Snowrunner. It brings, among other things, the new card Kovd Lake as well as two new vehicles, the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” and the Ford F 750.

Find in this article a complete presentation of the new vehicle, the TUZ 16 “Actaeon”!

How to unlock the Tuz 16 “Actaeon”?

As a base, Tuz 16 “Actaeon” cannot be purchased from the garage when you start the game. It is however quite easy to obtain. You just need to follow the following steps:

Go to the Lake Kovd map garage (Kola Peninsula region).

  • Take an all-terrain vehicle, if possible fitted with a chain tire.
  • Go to the north of the map, to the point you will find on the map below.
  • The Tuz 16 “Actaeon” will wait for you very quietly, you just have to “change your truck” then collect it in your garage to obtain it.

A noter : like access to the Lake Kovd card, the Tuz 16 “Actaeon” can only be obtained for players who have the “Search & Recovery” season pass on Snowrunner.

General presentation of Tuz 16 “Actaeon”

The Tuz 16 “Actaeon” is a truck from the category “All-terrain”, which is more suited to the type of the new Lake Kovd map. It’s a Soviet truck, light and small. It is a lot smaller in size than most of the other trucks in the “Off-road” category.

On the basic characteristics side, we will note a 110L tank only, an “exchangeable” type AWD, an “exchangeable” differential lock as well and respective ratings B + B + A-. You will find all of its basic characteristics on the screen below.

Once unlocked, the Garage Purchase Price is $ 70,400.

Now let’s take a look at the possible customization of the vehicle. We will first note the possibility of having 3 different engines, the basic one and two improved versions found among the improvements present on the Career and Rift maps of the Taimyr zone (see our guide dedicated to the question).

On the gearbox side, there again three are available: the “balanced” gearbox fitted as standard on the Tuz 16, the “high speed” gearbox (found on the map Mountain river in Alaska) and the “All-terrain” box (can be found on the map Drummond Island in Michigan).

Five types of winches are available directly for purchase: medium standard, medium long, medium advanced, medium high power and autonomous medium.

Finally, on the chassis modules side, there isn’t much to choose from. We can indeed equip the Tuz 16 with only 5 modules : the maintenance module for carrying out repairs, a small guardrail platform capable of storing only 1 cargo unit, a small fuel trailer for refueling, an IM50 loading crane (small model) and finally a roof grid for have autonomy in the field.

What use for the Tuz 16 “Actaeon”?

Let’s say it right away, the Tuz 16 “Actaeon” will not be your new truck intended to transport the heaviest and largest cargoes! It cannot be fitted with either a high hitch or a low hitch and its trailer can only carry one unit of cargo. In short, forget it right away if you want to transport something!

Its small size and characteristics make it suitable for a completely different use: it is a truck designed for support in the field! Equip it with an autonomous winch, a roof grid and a maintenance module or a small fuel tank and off you go to come and rescue all your vehicles in distress on the ground. Its very small tank (110L only) remains a problem despite everything, even with a roof grid. You will therefore need to have a source of fuel nearby.

Find below some screenshots of the Tuz 16 in action on the new Lake Kovd map.

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