[HOT] : Logi Dock: a hub for your Mac and Zoom, Meet and Teams meetings

Logitech will launch the Logi Dock, specially designed for Mac or PC users who spend time in remote conferences and who want a connection and power point for everything around their computer.

This large block contains several speakers as well as a noise attenuation system for the sound capture part. A row of buttons on the cover allows you to quickly manage your participation in the conference (join the room, turn up the sound, mute your microphone, etc.) without having to manipulate the software interface.

With the Logi Tune function, you can also integrate the product with your Office 365 or Google calendar to be notified by a light when a meeting is about to start.

The other role of the Logi Dock is to serve as a hub for peripherals and screens around the Mac. He can bring together a menagerie of 5 small devices and two screens in addition to his computer. On the back and on one side, it has an assortment of USB-A and USB-C, DisplayPort and HDMI sockets (each managing 4K at 60 Hz) as well as a Kensington lock socket and a Bluetooth pairing button. with a wireless headset. For laptop users, one of the USB-C outlets can provide up to 100W to power and charge the battery.

The product is cross-platform in terms of operating systems and is designed to work expressly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet / Voice. Two colors will be offered, graphite and white. The worldwide release is scheduled for the winter at 449 €.