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[HOT] : Loki: Review 1.05 Journey to Mystery

[HOT] : Loki: Review 1.05 Journey to Mystery

One week before the grand finale, Voyage to Mystery is a very fun transitional episode. It is certainly the episode to date with the most funny scenes. Very often successful, but not always.

It’s also an opus literally filled with little things to look at in every corner of the screen. The bravest among you will stop on footage, for example on Throg, the Frog Thor, or the Thanos Copter.

The big plus of this week is still the masterful performance of Richard E Grant in the role of a disillusioned classic Loki. It’s a shame to see him disappear, even if at Marvel, going from life to death is always reversible. And about the variants, we finally discover what was hiding behind Loki President in the trailer. A very fun scene there too. What if we had been told one day that we would witness the juvenile love affairs of a blue Loki Flower …

After 5 episodes, we can say that the main flaw of the series is to be very, very talkative. Another defect, so common to a large number of blockbusters, is the reduction to the extreme of the playing area of ​​the characters. Am I the only one who finds it a bit easy the situation where our Loki wakes up as if by chance in front of the 4 other Loki. And what about Sylvie who is miraculously on the jet-ski route, sorry Mobius’ Pizza truck. Chance definitely always does things well

Kang or not Kang that is the question. Lots of little things in this episode lead to this character, including Alioth. In the Comics, Kang had created a barrier to prevent this creature who had freed himself from the constraints of time from entering his domain. But, again, the answer seems too easy. Will Loki go back to his basics, betray Sylvie and therefore become the big bad again? The series is based on the multiplication of variants. At this point, it would just seem logical to me to find out that it’s a Loki who is behind it all.

The episode remains a great television moment that leads us with pleasure to the final battle of the last episode where everything must be revealed. There remains one last big question, however: How much does a Loki alligator skin bag cost?