[HOT] : LoL – Preseason 2022: Two new dragons arrive in the rift

Season 11 of League of Legends is coming to an end soon, it’s time to look to the preseason. Two new dragons will soon appear in the rift: Hextech and Technochemical

Every preseason League of Legends its share of novelties and the twelfth will be no exception! The biggest addition will be dragons. In season 10, Riot Games had already made many changes to this aspect with Rise of the Elements which introduced Elemental Rifts and therefore a greater variety of dragons. It is since this season that the rift transforms and brings special buffs, including the soul of the dragon, which is closely followed by the Ancestral Dragon. At present, there are four of them. And good news, two new will appear in season 12.

Dragon Hextech

When your team defeats him, all team members gain skill acceleration and attack speed.

If a team recovers the corresponding soul, they receive a chained slowdown like the passive of Statikk’s Dagger.

When this dragon invades the Rift, it creates Hextech portals that transport players to certain points on the map.

Techno-chemical dragon

When a team kills him, she deals increased damage when her HP is low, allowing her to reverse tight fights. This dragon soul kind of gives a second life. When you die you enter a “zombie state” where you can still use skills and fight instead of seeing a gray screen.

When the techno-chemical dragon rots the map, it creates areas of camouflage at fixed locations.

These two dragons seem more impactful than the existing ones, and this is exactly the goal sought by Riot Games. The goal is to add more unique encounters and major strategies in the middle and end of the game.

Of course, nothing is final, the studio will balance their impact if it is too weak or too powerful. These changes should arrive on the PBE within a few weeks.

So, verdict? Your opinion on these two new dragons?

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