[HOT] : Loop Hero: How to Unlock Secret Boss Battle

Heroes of the Loop is a weird little indie thug who recently blew up on Steam, immersing your hero in a looping adventure with very retro styled graphics. Instead of facing random dangers, you’ll place the dangers yourself – using a customizable deck of cards, you’ll drop tiles in your hero’s path to prepare them for the final encounter with the evil Lich.

It’s a super unique game, and even the hidden secrets are amazingly unique. There is a secret boss that you can summon by performing a series of very specific tricks. The battle itself is really tough, but the summoning isn’t too bad if you know what to do. The method of summoning the secret boss was discovered through the tireless efforts of Heroes of the Loop fans on the Heroes of the Loop subreddit, so all credit goes to them for figuring out this very strange Easter Egg.

Spawn the Secret Boss | Preparations

To spawn the Secret Boss, you will need to complete act 2 and collect a set of specific AOE cards. The boss can be spawned on any act or card. You should add 5 of the following cards to your deck.

  • Add 5 of these cards to your deck.
    • Battlefield
    • tag
    • Bloody Grove
    • Bookery
    • Chrono Crystals
    • Road lantern
    • Time tag
    • Vampire mansion

You can choose 5 of these cards. You will also need the Oversight map – this is needed to activate the boss spawn.

How to spawn the secret boss

Lieu 5 of the AOE cards listed above and the Oversight card in your deck, then start any card on any act. You need to find a “U” shaped curve on the map – it can be pointed in any direction. In this area, you must place 5 of your AOE tiles therefore the the effects overlap on the “U” curve.

If you place the tiles correctly, one of the tiles starts to glow with blue sparkles. Place the Oversight tile on blue sparks for generate the secret boss. And that’s all!

The boss is incredibly tough, so you’ll have to really prepare yourself to beat him. To make things easier, you can also bring more than 5 of the required cards listed above – you can bring all of them to have a better chance of getting the right cards and placing them all.

How to unlock Loop Hero’s secret boss fight

Are you ready to unlock Loop Hero’s secret boss fight? Loop Hero’s secret bosses are some of the toughest foes in the entire game, but this fight is easily missed unless you follow specific steps. You can summon these enemies at any point in the game – some players have even reported accidentally stumbling into this fight, not knowing how they handled it.

While you can summon the Boss Portal at almost any time, it is highly recommended that you do not attempt this fight until you are very comfortable with the game. Check out our Loop Hero Beginner’s Guide to better understand before you tackle the toughest boss fight Loop Hero has to offer.

The enemies that appear in this secret boss fight are actually named after the developers, which might explain why this battle is so difficult. Compared to the game’s final boss, the effects on these enemies are ridiculously overpowered and scale up depending on how long you’ve been playing the game. Here’s everything you need to summon Loop Hero’s secret boss.

Invocation du boss secret de Loop Hero

You can create the portal to the bosses from the first chapter, although you almost certainly won’t be able to take down those enemies. The only requirement that we discovered is that you have to beat the boss in act two, otherwise the wicks will not appear.

Summoning the secret boss of Loop Hero requires that you have six unique layered blue aura tiles in a concentrated area. The best place for these tiles is in the U-bend of the loop, which gives you plenty of room to connect the auras of each tile.

When these tiles are in place, blue streaks should start to appear on one of the tiles. Hit the tile emitting the blue wicks with an Oblivion card to create a dimensional rift. Walking through the rift will trigger the boss fight – all four enemies are still the same, so you won’t have to worry about this battle suddenly changing.

Finding the perfect loop to prepare yourself with all the gear you need for this fight is difficult, luckily you are in total control of when you attempt this battle. Knowing what bosses are capable of before jumping into combat will give you a big advantage.

Here is a list of the four bosses of Loop’s heroes:


  • Pacifist – Against the warrior: always the first target in combat and receives double damage
  • Grind – Health is equal to the number of monsters killed during the save multiplied by two
  • Object lover – -2% health for each empty slot in the camp reserve
  • Deadline – + 100% attack speed when health is below 20%
  • 10% vampirism
  • +20 attack speed


  • Team work – Always the second target in combat
  • Rabbit jumping – Evasion is equal to the loops completed in this expedition multiplied by two, no more than 50%
  • Universal Music – Increased attack power
  • Procrastination – 30% chance of skipping the attack
  • 10% vampirism
  • 30% chance of hitting will not happen
  • + 20% attack speed
  • + 8% damage


  • Loving life – Against the necromancer: always the first target in combat and receives double damage
  • Perfectionism – +5 damage for each unoccupied camp tile
  • History lovers – -1% for each unlocked monster item, no more than 50%
  • Pointless debate – When health is below 60%, get the whole team to argue for three seconds
  • 10% vampirism
  • + 20% attack speed


  • Credulous – Against the thief, always the first target of the battle and receives double damage
  • Speedrun – + 1% attack speed for each tile occupied in this expedition
  • Occasional – -25% defense for each chapter after the first
  • Not a bug, but a feature – When health reaches 1%: gives up, or gains + 100% health and heals completely
  • 10% vampirism
  • + 36% attack speed

And that’s all there is to know about Loop Hero’s secret boss fight. Once you beat this boss, you can say that you have completely completed the game. Congratulations!

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