[HOT] : macOS Big Sur 11.6 released

In the wake of the launch of iOS 14.8, Apple has also posted a small software update for the Mac: it is macOS 11.6, which is emerging a month after macOS 11.5.2. As for iOS, Apple does not give details on the content of this new version of macOS. At best we learn that it includes security fixes.

Update 22:41:

The New York Times tells us that iOS 14.8, watchOS 7.6.2, and macOS 11.6 fix loopholes exploited by Pegasus, spyware developed by NSO Group that has allegedly been used by multiple states in spy cases.

You know the song: macOS 11.6 is in System Preferences, “Software Update” section. Remember, everything usually goes smoothly but it is still strongly recommended to make a backup of your data before starting the installation of a macOS update.