[HOT] : Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to change and shore up a weapon

With a game (or a set of games) as complicated as Legendary Mass Effect Edition sometimes it’s the simple things that are most confusing, like changing weapons. And with three games merged into the same package, things can change about you between each experience, causing even more confusion. To help you break it down, we’ve covered how to switch weapons in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to change weapons in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The answer to this question differs depending on the set of the ensemble you are playing. Mass Effect is the unique one, providing players with distinct ways to select and switch weapons during combat. Things change a bit for Mass Effect 2, then this system remains for ME3 as well. So here’s how to do it.

How to change weapons in Mass Effect 1

Whenever you are in combat in ME1, you can hold down LB on Xbox One and Series X / S or L1 on PS4 / PS5 to spawn the weapon wheel. Using the joystick, you can now scroll and select the weapon from your arsenal that you want. This is also how you tell your teammates to switch weapons, letting you decide whether to reduce the damage or try to stay back and shoot.

Along with that, there is a quick change option. Simply pressing LB or L1 will switch Shepard from his current weapon to the last one that was used. So if you’ve fired assault rifle cartridges but want to go back to the sniper rifle you just used previously, press LB for Xbox or L1 on PS and you’ll quickly stow the assault rifle and switch to the sniper.

And if you want to upgrade to a new version of a specific weapon type, you have to go to the Equipment menu and choose them there.

How to change weapons in Mass Effect 2 and 3

The method of changing weapons during a mission in Mass Effect 2 and 3 is quite similar, with only a few minor differences. LB and L1 are still pulling the weapon wheel, allowing you to slowly choose which weapon you want to switch to. For quick changes, you now need to maintain X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation. And instead of switching to your previously used weapon, you will switch to your handgun pistol. So if you are switching from one powerful weapon to another, make sure to use the weapon wheel instead.

Note, however, that for Mass Effect 3, you choose specific models of each weapon when you deploy. You can change to the ones you collect during the mission, but otherwise you get stuck with this version.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to shore up your weapon

Why store your weapon in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

This is something important to do when the situation does not require action with our weapon, going through the fact of other situations like common dialogue in this RPG, at first it was a unique experience, where shots mattered sure, but they didn’t have the most striking thing in the game, so knowing how to store your weapon can be common in most cases, now the following details will guide us in that regard, let’s take a look.

How to store your weapon in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

As for How to Store Your Weapon in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, let’s see how to do it in each of the games:

  • Dans Mass Effect 1: it will be enough to press the touchpad on PS4 / PS5 and switch the view for the Xbox One and the X / S series, turning out to be the famous selection, which allows us to keep our guns and have a more neutral posture, something different if we are focused.
  • Dans Mass Effect 2: by pressing the touchpad we can do it on the PS4 / PS5, switching the vision helps us on the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X / S, certainly in this second part, it is something that will be done less frequently, because the fights are more regular, in spite of that it is better to control it.
  • Dans Mass Effect 3: in this latest installment we don’t have this option available, not even in this edition it is possible that it will become a memory limitation, but this change will lead to it being reversed at some point, meanwhile we cannot use only the save action buttons.

In conclusion, knowing how to store your weapon is excellent, because you can advance further in this interesting and moving Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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