[HOT] : Microsoft is considering a new way to deploy Windows 11 updates

Update Stack Packages are coming and promising to dramatically reduce update failures.

Following the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has sought to attract many users to the new operating system, promising a new – and above all less restrictive – process for downloading updates.

In a blog post commemorating 7 years of the Windows Insider program, the publisher introduced Update Stack Packages that will allow the company to deliver fixes and minor features, outside major operating system updates.

The Update Stack Packages were deployed by Microsoft at the same time as Windows 11 Build 22478, on October 15th. Only beta testers of the Windows Insiders program can currently take advantage of it, through the Dev channel.

How to take advantage of Update Stack Packages?

By choosing to receive Update Stack Packages, Windows users make sure to extend the chances of a successful installation, minimizing possible disruption in the process.

For now, Update Stack Packages are limited to a very small set of system files related to updates and developed independently of the operating system. However, by testing this process on Windows Insiders first, the company hopes to expand the scope and frequency of updates in the near future.

Update Stack Packages are delivered to Insiders through Windows Update, just like new builds and cumulative updates.

Dev Channel Insiders who want to test this new method of installing updates on Windows 11 should go to Settings> Windows Update and check for available updates, here under the Update Stack Package heading.

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