[HOT] : Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Preview

We were able to access the demo a little early to give you our first impressions of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, which arrives for demo on October 13th. Skeptical? And yet, some promises are well and truly kept!

Monster Hunter Rise, the last Monster Hunter from Capcom, is currently only available on Nintendo Switch. The exclusivity is coming to an end soon, as the PC version arrives on January 12, 2022. As a reminder, this version was announced at TGS in parallel with the announcement of the “Sunbreak” extension (scheduled for summer 2022). It’s a great surprise that you don’t have to wait many months between announcement and release.

Waiting for, a demo is available on Steam from October 13 and we give you a quick overview.

The framerate: a promise kept

First of all, let’s specify the PC configuration on which this test was carried out:

Operating system : Windows 10

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-8600K
RAM: 16 GB
Graphic card : Nvidia® GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER ™

As a reminder, the required and minimum configurations:

Steam screenshot

Attention : some graphics settings do not apply to the title screen. For example, the framerate is stuck at 30 FPS and the textures may not be final, because once in the game it is much cleaner.

On the demo, we had the choice between several values ​​(30, 60,144, etc.) or without limits. With the choice in “no limits”, the game was rather stable around 100FPS so no noticeable slowdown.

Editor’s note: FPS had to be lowered for technical reasons related to video capture.

We can still make some reservations, because the version Switch suffers from slowdowns in certain areas such as the Flooded Forest. The demo only takes place in the first area (the Forgotten Temple), so we will wait for the full version for a more accurate view.

This fluidity is really welcome after hundreds of hours on the portable console of Nintendo. It’s a real pleasure not only in terms of sensations, but also in terms of the legibility of the fights.

Graphics: HD textures, 4K … but could do better

Do not expect the level of Monster Hunter World, only 2D textures are much sharper, 3D modeling remains coarser than MH World since the Nintendo Switch could not tolerate more polygons without compromising performance. This does not prevent us from admiring the atmosphere and the very successful “traditional Japan” artistic direction.

We would have appreciated better antialiasing, we will have to settle for simple options such as FXAA, TAA, or FXAA + TAA, without further refinement. The shadows are more boring, because even the maximum quality gives a pixelated rendering, with not always very happy outlines.

We would also have liked to be able to resize the interface, because if it suits the portable screen of the Nintendo console, on a large screen we could have reduced it for more free space. For example, with a Hunting Horn it’s very crowded. We can only display or not certain parts of the interface, or even hide everything for the more daredevils.

In the positive visual settings, we still have the ultrawide format display for screens larger than the traditional 16: 9 as well as 4K resolution.

The content of the demo

The demo is identical to the one offered on Switch: 3 missions and 2 tutorials.

This demo is limited to these missions, with predefined equipment (depending on the chosen weapon), no story, village, or other game mode.

> If you’ve never played Monster Hunter, keep in mind that it’s not representative of the game as a whole, this demo focuses on combat gameplay.

> If you are new to Monster Hunter Rise, we recommend that you take the (quick) tutorial on wyvern ride so as not to miss out on this novelty of gameplay specific to Rise.

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