[HOT] : NordVPN, the most famous of the VPNs, offers an unprecedented discount

Do you want to protect yourself effectively from the dangers of the Internet? Take advantage of the sales to pay for your NordVPN subscription much cheaper.

Recently, more and more Internet users have integrated VPN software into their daily lives. It must be said that these all-in-one tools offer security, anonymity and freedom online. Do you want to equip your PC, tablet, smartphone or Smart TV with a VPN to take advantage of all their advantages? The summer sales are the ideal opportunity since you will be able to pay your subscription two to three times cheaper. And for good reason, the very famous NordVPN offers a reduction of -72% on its 2-year subscription with 3 more months free.

Zoom on the NordVPN application

It’s no secret that the NordVPN brand is very popular in the cybersecurity world. Its advertisements are not the only reason for its success. Its application is particularly well designed. NordVPN provides industry-leading security for all users by encrypting their traffic end-to-end. This means that no one will be able to know about your online activities.

At the same time, it hides your real IP address and does not disclose your location either. Websites have no idea where you are actually located.

NordVPN is present in 59 countries with more than 5,300 servers. By connecting to it, you will be able to free yourself from all the blockages related to your geographical location and watch foreign TV channels from home or, conversely, watch your local content when you are abroad. Whether you are looking for a VPN for Switzerland, France, the United States, or any other country in the world, you will not be disappointed.

Besides the aesthetic design of its application, NordVPN comes with an array of features like CyberSec (an ad and malware blocker) and Split Tunneling to manage the VPN connection between your applications. And if you want even more privacy, it is possible to connect to its Double VPN servers for two ciphers in a row.

Le VPN down 72% and 3-month subscription as a gift

If you were waiting for the sales to get a good deal, you did well! The provider NordVPN is very generous by applying a reduction of -72% on its 2-year plan and by offering 3 additional months to its new subscribers. Instead of paying the full subscription at € 258, it will only cost you € 71.20 for two years, or € 2.64 per month. This price is significantly lower than what is normally practiced since on average, the cost varies between 5 and 10 € per month.

This rate is all the more advantageous when you know that six simultaneous connections are included in a single account. You will be able to use the VPN on all your devices without having to subscribe again. The NordVPN application adapts to PC, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV and connected box. All major OS are compatible (even Linux).

If despite everything you are not satisfied with its services, you can be reimbursed in full for your purchase thanks to the 30-day guarantee. There is therefore no risk to take out to test it. To learn more about this offer, you can see it here