[HOT] : Notice to the little people of Instagram: no more need of 10,000 followers to have the link button!

Good news ! The new feature of Instagram which is the “link button” (formerly the swipe up) is now open to everyone.

You know, the new feature that replaces the swipe up on Instagram? It’s called the “sticker link” or the “link button”. Many accounts use it for affiliate links and paid partnerships, but also to raise awareness and refer to relevant content.

The link button for all and all!

On October 27, Instagram released a press release announcing that this famous link button would now be available to everyone! Ends the privileges of certified accounts and accounts with 10,000 followers. The platform explains:

“When we created the ‘link buttons’, this functionality was limited to verified accounts and those with a certain number of followers. We heard from the rest of our community that they also wanted to share things that were important to them with their friends and family. ”

This way, even if you don’t use your account professionally, you can share a link with your friends to a playlist of your vacation photos or the last recipe you tried. The options are endless!

How to use the link button

To use the famous link button you must:

  • Take a story
  • Select the icon with the small sticker at the top right of the screen
  • Press the “link” option to add your link then press “finish”
  • Place the sticker wherever you want, you can also change its sticker color by pressing on it

There you go, you can now share whatever you want in your stories!