[HOT] : Safari 15: bugs of all kinds on macOS Big Sur and Catalina

Safari 15, recently available for macOS Catalina and Big Sur (and which will of course be included with macOS Monterey) has some hiccups – and we’re not just talking about the new interface, which Catalina users are deprived of (the lucky ones!) . On the other hand, in this version of macOS, several large e-commerce websites, such as Walmart, Target or eBay, are causing problems in the browser; it then asks to reload the page, but nothing works.

The solution is to use another browser that is not as bad as Safari, or to disable JavaScript in the Security preferences of the software. This is not ideal… You can also try to reinstall Safari 15 by going to retrieve the package from Apple’s servers, from this address.

Another curious bug that pops up with some Big Sur and Monterey users, adding a YouTube video in Safari bookmarks crashes the browser, as shown in the video above. It is still possible to drag & drop video URLs into a Safari bookmarks folder, but it’s a patch pending an update from Apple.

? If you have any issues with Safari 15, no matter your operating system, you can use our forums to share them and try to find a solution with our community. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments how things are going for you with this new version of the browser!