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For this trophy, you must therefore remove the 999 HP of your opponent before he dies of himself. Your deck must therefore hit hard enough (which is obligatory to survive on the third floor anyway), but will you manage to remove that many hit points in 5 turns? With the nag combo of the Iron Soldier (cf. Ruby), you may be able to achieve this.

Obviously, if you meet him during a run while using an infinite combo of the Silent (cf. Emerald) or the Guardian (cf. DLC), this trophy will not be a problem for you since you will never go beyond turn 1. A deck built around poison can also be a great idea here, as long as you inflict a lot of it per turn.


Ascend 20

Complete Ascension Level 20.

Complete Ascension level 20.

By completing a full game with a character, you get Ascension level 1 for that hero. This allows you to start a new run this time with a specific penalty. If you still manage to win, you will unlock level 2. This will add a new penalty, while cumulating in addition to that of level 1. It will be necessary to advance in this way until the end of level 20 for this trophy, which will involve a game with 20 penalties!

Here is exactly what awaits you:

Ascension level

Description of the penalty

Ascension level 1 Elite monsters are more common.
Ascension level 2 Normal enemies do more damage.
Ascension level 3 Elites do more damage.
Ascension level 4 Bosses do more damage.
Ascension level 5 You recover less health after defeating a boss.
Ascension level 6 You start each injured game (less HP than the max indicated).
Ascension level 7 Normal enemies have more health.
Ascension level 8 The elites have more life.
Ascension level 9 Bosses have more health.
Ascension level 10 You start each game with a unique curse card.
Ascension level 11 One less potion slot.
Ascension level 12 Improved cards appear less often.
Ascension level 13 Bosses hardly give any more gold at the end of the fight.
Ascension level 14 Start with less max HP.
Ascension level 15 Events are less favorable.
Ascension level 16 The shops are more expensive.
Ascension level 17 Normal enemies have more powerful attacks and abilities.
Ascension level 18 The elites have more powerful attacks and abilities.
Ascension level 19 Bosses have more powerful attacks and abilities.
Ascension level 20 Double final boss (two boss fights in a row on the top floor).

It’s up to you to put your knowledge and mastery of the game on the table. Everything will come in handy, whether it’s the infinite combos, defensive decks, nag techniques, etc. The important thing is above all to adapt as best you can according to the cards, events and relics that the game gives you.

Honestly, you will lose regularly but perseverance will inevitably make you succeed. If during an ascent, luck was not there, tell yourself that it will be the next time. The wheel is still turning.

I also recommend that you have made all the other trophies in the game before this one. You will thus have an excellent mastery of Slay the Spire and you will only have to choose the hero with whom you are most comfortable to succeed in all these climbs. Choose well and then don’t change, each validated level is specific to the character used.

Incidentally, even if it goes without saying, do not try to reach the fourth floor by gathering the three jewels of The End?. Be content with each level of ascent to beat the boss of the third floor and stop there. If you continue further, you will have to beat the real final boss to validate your ascent and clearly this is making this trophy unnecessarily (and extremely) difficult.



Complete the Ending with the Ironclad.

See the End with the Iron Soldier.

Consult The End?.



Complete the Ending with the Silent.

See the End with the Silent.

Consult The End?.



Complete the Ending with the Defect.

See the End with the Defective.

Consult The End?.


The End?

Complete the Ending with the Ironclad, Silent, and Defect.

See the end with the Iron Soldier, the Silent, and the Defective.

In order to hope to achieve this trophy, you must already defeat the game normally with the three characters via Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, that is, eliminate the boss at the end of the third floor and then see the strange scene with the Heart of the Tower.

Once your three victories have been obtained, it is then possible to collect three jewels during an ascent. In order to reach the “real” end with a hero, you have to take these three jewels and then defeat the boss of the third zone again. This will unlock the fourth floor. Regarding gems, here’s how to get them:

Ruby is available in all resting places. Taking it means that this time around you won’t be able to rest or upgrade a map.
Emerald can be found on a special elite monster. You will recognize it on the map by its flaming and animated aura around its symbol. You have one opportunity per floor to confront this opponent and take the emerald from him. Be careful, this elite monster will automatically be stronger than the others.
Sapphire is in all chests in the game (except bosses). However, if you take it, you will not be able to collect the relic that is usually offered to you. It’s one or the other.

Now that you’re on the fourth floor, hopefully you have a solid deck as what lies ahead is an extreme hike in difficulty compared to the rest of the game.

The fourth floor only consists of four mandatory rooms: a resting place, a merchant, an elite monster and the final boss. Don’t hesitate to spend all your gold on relics or potions at the store, your purse will be useless afterwards.

Regarding the elite monster, this will be the first time you will be attacked in front of and behind you. Obviously, you take more damage when someone hits you from behind. Apart from that, this fight is nothing very special except that it already hits hard. Avoid losing life as much as possible, you will need it for the future.

What awaits you at the end? The Corrupted Heart of the Tower:

  • This original opponent has no less than 750 HP (800 if you dare to face it in Ascension 9 or more).
  • He has a special invincibility buff. Indeed, you cannot do more than 300 damage to him in one turn, forcing you to fight for three turns minimum.
  • Each time you play a card, you take one point of damage.
  • He has a spell that inflicts the Vulnerability, Fragility, and Weakness ailments on you. In addition, it will automatically put 5 different penalty type cards in your deck, namely stuck, burn, dazed, wound and nothing.
  • His strength increases with each turn and much more after turn 4 (up to 50).
  • Of course, even without the strength boost, it hits hard. Base damage is around 50!

There are not 36 solutions against this opponent, you must eliminate him during the third or fourth turn while managing to take the damage he can do to you. You must also be vigilant with the penalties it gives you since it can break an infinite combo if you have too many cards in your deck.

Keep in mind that you have to hit hard and fast and then defend yourself. Provide armor-type cards in addition to the nag technique of the Iron Soldier (cf. Ruby), play poison while protecting yourself if possible with the Silent (cf. Emerald) and vary the orbs of the Defective (cf. Sapphire). And the Guardian does not count here, know that you will still have to beat the Heart with her for a trophy that is specific to her in her DLC.


My Lucky Day

Win a Daily Climb.

Complete a daily challenge.

By starting a new ascent, you have the opportunity to do a daily challenge. Each day, this mode allows you to climb with specific rules such as a mandatory character, a specific deck at the start of the game, penalties of varying degrees of difficulty, more or less interesting bonuses, etc.

In order to get this trophy, you will need to complete a daily challenge by defeating the boss on the third floor. If you ever find a climb too difficult, just wait until the next day. The rules will have changed and they may be more favorable for you.

Please note that no other trophy with a view to platinum can drop during a daily challenge.