[HOT] : Small tutorial for the beginning of the adventure, how to choose the race of your character? Which weapon to take? What to privilege between health, vigor and magic?

This article will be a bit long, as it concerns a lot of things.

Choosing your character on an adventure has always been a crucial choice. In Skyrim, the choice of your character’s race will influence the skills, but not the adventure, the story. When choosing your character you need to have a clear idea of ​​what class you are going to adopt, for example you won’t make a Wood Elf a Berserker.

In Skyrim, as in most RPGs *, there are 5 main basic classes, because they have only one “function”:

  • L Warrior, is a class that is played in melee, it is necessary at all costs to avoid ranged attacks, and mainly those coming from mages. In the event that you cannot attack in CAC * (melee), I advise you to have a bow on you. The warrior class is played mainly with the Norse or the Orc, who have a high level in the handling of two-handed weapons and heavy armor, but also in forging, because, in order to have good weapons, it is not enough to have the necessary materials, but you also have to have the necessary skill, for example, in one of my adventures, at the very beginning, I found a daedra heart, that’s not why I was able forge me a daedra bow, because I had a level in forging which equaled 20, whereas it was necessary to be at the level 90. With the warrior, you will have to privilege the vigor * (the equivalence of the endurance) and the health, to be able to take powerful hits while taking damage. Now, let’s move on to the weapon, it will be necessary to privilege the weapons with two hands, which do more damage, personally, I advise you the axes of weapons of steel or iron, they are not slow to the handling, and do a lot of damage, certainly less than the hammer, but this one is extremely slow, for example, in the same lapse * (time limit) of time, you will have 2 hammer blows, whereas with the ax , you will make 4, even 5. I advise you, like all weapons, to improve them at a blacksmith.
  • The Wizard, is played in ranged combat, it is necessary to avoid melee combat, mainly warriors. If you can’t attack from a distance, I recommend having a sword ready to use. This class is played either with the Dark Elf or with the High Elf, because their level of destruction and their MP * (magic points) are high. Being a mage, you should focus on MP, spells, which you get from spell books, and light armor to move quickly. I advise you to wear clothes that increase your magic points and improve your spells. For weapons, you can have a sword, enchanted with the spell “capture souls”, which allows you to capture a soul in a spiritual gem to be able to enchant your weapons, it’s a bit like a currency, the more you give one. good gem, the more powerful the enchantment. You can also improve your weapons at a blacksmith, but be careful! you must have a forging level equal to 30 to be able to improve an enchanted weapon.
  • L’Archer, is a class that is played mainly at the CAC, I say “mainly”, because at certain times, you will be obliged to make close fights. To be able to do melee with an archer, you have to know how to master the class, otherwise, you stay on the fight from a distance. This class is played by the Wood Elf, without any doubts, because his level of archery and stealth is high. While being an archer, it is necessary to privilege, the points of force, because certain capacities with the arc consume of the force, and the light armor, to be discreet. The bow does not improve, unlike other weapons, but better ones can be found, for example, the hunting bow will be less powerful than the elven bow. But arrows can also be changed, that is to say that you can have several kinds of arrows in your inventory, another example, iron arrows are less powerful than steel arrows. You can equip any type of arrows on any bow. Another thing, the DLC * Dawnguard adds a crossbow to the game, as well as bolts (equivalent to arrows for the bow). I haven’t actually tested this weapon, but it deals a lot more damage than a bow, in one of my games my Daedra bow deals 33 damage, as much as the crossbow. However, I don’t know what skill is used when using the crossbow.
  • The priest, is a primarily healing-based class, it’s a bit hard to play a priest in Skyrim, as it’s also a class that is mostly played in multiplayer. In Skyrim, the priest mainly controls healing spells and a bit of destruction. The description of this class is not long, as this class is often confused with the mage in Skyrim.
  • L’assassin, is played most of the time by the elf, it is a class favoring stealth attacks. It will be necessary to wear light armor, use daggers and bows. Enchant your armor to be able to move silently, as for weapons, enchant them with a puncture of life, to be able to kill your victims more quickly. I strongly recommend La Confrérie Noire to progress in this area.

There you go, I think I wrote everything down regarding the classes, then there are the archetypes, like the Berserker, the Necromancer, etc. I won’t explain them to you, because it will take a long time!

In any case, I hope I have helped you through this article. I will put pictures to show you the look of the different classes. If I made a mistake, do not hesitate to send it to me private message preferably.

Words marked with an asterisk will later be placed in a lexicon, which will be frequently updated.