[HOT] : SnowRunner for Nintendo Switch: How to Drive Off-Roads Part two

Missions which, in Snowrunner implicit in epicity, challenge and even heroism.

Fire trials that will require adapting to the weather, the cycles of day and night, the powerful nature manifesting through the terrain and, more recently, through the HD vibration of the Joy Cons.

Lights and shadows of experience Snowrunner sur Nintendo Switch

We’ve gotten used to seeing impossible and portable conversions scroll for the two-in-one Nintendo console and the case of Snowrunner is no exception. Now, in this case, there are nuances to consider: while the visual section was never one of the big claims of Saber’s off-road experience, the resolution and finishes of the game on Switch are very modest. May be too much.

We reckoned in advance that when playing in laptop mode what has been seen on other desktops wouldn’t be the same, but the truth is things don’t get much better when playing with the laptop. console connected to television. The proof is that each of the own captures that you will see accompany this analysis.

In this regard, the version of Snowrunner offers, from its settings, three curious solutions to attenuate the visual result in Switch: a motion blur system, a cinematic grain effect and a filter FIDELITYFX which promises to improve sharpness. The last two, moreover, are enabled by default.

Of course, if we are to use the indoor cameras, we will see that the mirrors will be of no use to us, if at all.

Another curious aspect of the Switch has not so much to do with gaming, but with the design of the console: the Nintendo Pro controller and the Joy Cons lack triggers, offering flat buttons instead. That said, it will be the least of our problems if we get stuck in the snow.

For the rest, and to be fair, Saber managed to transfer the entire experience to the Nintendo console. The physics, all the content and the exceptional thoroughness they put into the design of the terrain or to give special value to every aspect of the vehicle we drive are shared successes in all editions. And, by extension, the arrival of Snowrunnerd Switch fits perfectly with its increasingly interesting and varied catalog.

SamaGame’s review

The fact that you are reading these words means that I managed to escape these torrential waters. And it was not necessary to use the rescue function! It was not by luck, or by making calculated movements, but with a tight rope, a certain persistence and an unusual optimism for the situation in which he found himself.

An optimism fueled by the fact of wanting to continue playing Snowrunner. To complete the bridge that was being built and see what new challenges awaited me. What new vehicles will I have at my disposal once I realize it and see how they adapt to the harsh conditions of each map. Those that I know and those that I have not yet known.

Because getting stuck in snow, mud or any other natural trap is part of the experience Snowrunner. And the way we’re motivated to get out of those traffic jams or navigate adversity wisely is what makes it an exceptional game. Especially when reaching the top of a peak that seemed impossible the game itself rewards you with privileged views.

Snowrunner It deconstructs the feeling of driving, of being behind the wheel, and transfers it to the screen wrapped in a sanbox format. Face the player through colossi on wheels in extreme environments. The machine against nature itself.

What if the off-road driving experience of Snowrunner it is out of the ordinary and works wonderfully in each of the systems in which it is said to be present, the portability of the Switch makes it a very unique edition. Especially, for those who have already made it to the game itself in other systems and they want to enjoy it wherever they are.

Because Saber Interactive offers us to work in our free time, but, if I’m honest, with Snowrunner it’s nice to work overtime.


Platforms Nintendo Switch (analyzed version). Also available on Xbox, PC and PS4.
Multiplayer Yes (up to 4 players)
Developer Interactive saber
Company Focus Home Interactive
Lancer May 18, 2021

The best

  • The physical system is spectacular
  • Its maps are full of possibilities and constantly challenge you
  • The rigor that has been put into each vehicle


  • The resolution and finishes of the Switch version are more modest than in other systems