[HOT] : Snowrunner: How does the metal detector module work, and how do I enter the competition?

The update 7.0 adds many new features to snowrunner such as the new Imandra map, the new TUZ 108 Warthog vehicle, new cosmetics… Among the novelties we will also note the addition of a new vehicle module, the “metal detector”. We present this new toy in detail in this article!

How to get the metal detector module?

The “metal detector” module is in fact a improvement which can be obtained on the Imandra map, in the far north. To find it you can use our guide dedicated to all the improvements present on the maps of the Kola Peninsula, or simply refer to the map below.

It is important to note that theThe “metal detector” module is then only available for 14 vehicles, listed below: Fleetstar F2070A, International transtar 4070A, International Paystar 5070, Zikz 5368, Caterpillar CT680, Freightliner 114SD, Pacific P12, Step 310E, Chevrolet Kodiak C70, Royal BM17, Voron AE-4380, GMC MH9500, Ford CLT9000, Voron D-53233.

To equip it, you just have to go to the garage, take one of the vehicles mentioned above and add the module to it in the “customization” part.

How does the metal detector module work?

Once your vehicle has been fitted with this new module, all you have to do is go to the functions of the vehicle, to select “Use Metal Detector Module” and finally “Scan”. It therefore works in the same way as the “Seismic vibrator” module.

This new module will be useful to you to carry out various missions and in particular two contracts on the Imandra card: “The price of victory” and “The star in the sky”.

Find below some screenshots of this new module mounted on the Royal BM17.


It is with great pleasure that we announce today * the launch of a contest allowing you to win a Snowrunner Video Game Premium Edition. On the occasion of the deployment of the first phase of the Snowrunner Season Pass, the Off Road Gaming site is offering you this contest. The key to the game is offered to the community by the teams of Focus Home Interactive whom we thank greatly!

Find in this article all the rules to try your luck, and maybe win the prize.


The competition is now over. Many of you participated, more than 200.

After the draw, the winner of the contest is @ ThiagoT20919765 on twitter. Well done to him!

Thanks everyone for participating and a big thank you once again to Focus Home Interactive for entering the contest by donating a Snowrunner Premium key to the community!

How to participate to the contest ?

There are two ways you can enter the contest for a chance to win a Snowrunner Premium Edition key:

Enter the contest on the Off Road Gaming twitter page:

  • You must follow the account @Offroadgaming
  • You must then retweet the post of the contest

Enter the contest on the Off Road Gaming facebook page:

  • You must like the page Off Road Gaming
  • You must respond to this facebook postin comment (do not hesitate to be imaginative in your answer!)

❗❗❗By participating in the contest on Facebook and Twitter, you multiply your chances of winning by two!

The competition will be closed on Wednesday 02 September at 8 p.m.. The drawing of lots will be carried out in the evening among all the participants.

Description of the prize to be won

Prize to be won:

– A PC key from the Snowrunner Premium Edition video game (the premium edition of the game includes the base game + the Season Pass giving you access to all the new features added to the game).

To be able to activate the game, you must therefore have a PC capable of launching the game (check the system requirements) and an internet connection. The key is to enter the Epic Games launcher.

Contest rules

  • The competition is open to anyone, regardless of their place of residence.
  • You need to create an Epic Games account (completely free) to be able to enter the key and play the game.
  • Participation in the competition is made on the social networks Facebook or Twitter.
  • No data will be collected or stored by the Off Road Gaming site.
  • The winner will be selected by a simple drawing of lots among all the participants once the competition is over (Wednesday September 2, 2020 at 8 p.m.).
  • The name of the winner will be published on the site and our social networks after the competition closes.
  • The key to the game will be communicated to the winner by email.