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[HOT] : SnowRunner: How to get a garage

[HOT] : SnowRunner: How to get a garage

The update 7.0 Snowrunner brings many new features to the game, and among them we will obviously note the new Imandra card. Basically, this map does not have a garage which makes it difficult for players to explore. In this guide, find all the information you need to quickly unlock the garage on the Imandra card (Update 7.0).

All the steps to follow to unlock the garage from the Imandra card

To get to the Imandra map for the first time, you cannot teleport there because there is currently no garage available. You must therefore get there by your own means by taking the passage located at the far north-west of the Lake Kovd map.

Once you have arrived on this new playing field, we recommend that you start with the unlocking of the garage on the Imandra card as a priority. This will make it much easier for you later on. To do this, follow the next steps and you can help yourself from the map below.

Step 1: Complete the “Power plant faulty” task

Start by going right next to the trailer shop to the north of the map and accept the task. « Central and breakdown ». You learn that the area is having problems with the electricity supply. You are then asked to deliver two units of Metal beams in the appendix.

So take a truck (preferably all-terrain) equipped with a 2-slot platform and a trailer also with 2 slots (you have a store right next door if necessary) and go to the point at the far north of the map in order to of load the 2 units of Metal Beams. Continue your way west, towards annex to make your delivery and thus complete your first step.

Step 2: Complete the task “Repair electrical pylons”

Right next to where you just completed the previous task, you can now accept a second named task “Repair electricity pylons”. Due to strong winds, the electricity pylons in the area were damaged.

To complete this task, first go further south to the point where you can load two units of Wood Planks. Once the load is on your trailer, go to the two positions indicated on your map in order to repair the two electricity pylons.

Step 3: Unlock the garage from the Imandra card

Once both tasks are completed, the garage in the Imandra map is unlocked, but you still need to get there to be able to access it. Go to the point indicated on the map above to unlock the garage once and for all. You can now make full use of your new garage, congratulations!

Where is the Island Lake garage located in SnowRunner?

The life of a driver is not easy in SnowRunner. The off road simulator involves driving tough vehicles through tough terrain, trying to finish the kind of job someone has to do. It is not easy and your vehicles will be damaged, need fuel, and you may even need to change to meet specific challenges.

This is where a garage will come in handy. Island Lake is an area that is proving to be very difficult to conquer, and many people have a hard time finding the garage there. The reason is simple, there is no garage in the neighborhood. Island Lake can be seen as an extremely difficult area of ​​the game, with much debate over whether the lack of garage is unfair. Getting through this region takes skill, planning, and a good deal of luck.

To make matters worse, there isn’t even a gas station in the area. The good news is, you can find fuel trailers scattered around the map to help you out. The real trick seems to be planning ahead, with the common consensus among players being to bring extra trucks with you.

This is definitely an area of ​​the game that people love or hate, with some very happy to have to plan ahead, and others wishing there were more forgiving elements in the area. Island Lake.

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the garage in SnowRunner is very useful and offers several features. We will detail all the information relating to the garage on this page of the guide SnowRunner.

Location of garages
There is one garage per zone. The garages are easily identifiable by the hangar icon (picture1). As soon as you enter a new area, locate the garage first to facilitate your movements afterwards.


Recover a stranded vehicle
Thanks to the garage, you can directly teleport a blocked or abandoned vehicle. To do this, open the “functions” menu, select “recover” and validate (pictures2and3): your vehicle will be fully repaired and will recover all of its fuel. However, by using this option, the trailers and assets you are carrying will stay put.



Change region
From a garage, select “global map” (picture4), then choose the garage of another region or another zone (pictures5and6).




Customize vehicles
Choose a vehicle, select “Customization” (picture7), then buy upgrades (picture8).



Some improvements can be found by exploring the regions (picture9), others can only be unlocked after you have sufficiently increased your reputation (picture10).



Buy new vehicles
Finally, you can buy new vehicles or sell your current vehicles from a garage. To buy a vehicle, select “Dealer” (picture11), and choose the vehicle you want (picture12).



To sell a vehicle, start by pressing “Keep” to set aside the vehicle you want to sell, go to “Trucks”, select the vehicle, then press “Sell” (pictures13and14).