If like me you play SnowRunner on PC, you might be wondering what peripherals the game recognizes and you might like to play the controller on PC.

I have started playing the keyboard and find that in the end it has more disadvantages than advantages. It is certainly easier to navigate in the menus with the keyboard than with the joystick (and to use the various winch points in the process) but the control is much more complicated and imprecise. And after all, driving is a bit the sinews of war on SnowRunner!

If you don’t have a console, don’t panic, the game is very well configured to use different peripherals. So how do you go about playing SnowRunner on PC with a controller?

Option 1: Plug in the controller and… that’s it!

  • Connect your PSA or Xbox controller to your PC, either wired (use the supplied USB cable for this) or Bluetooth
  • Connect to the game and you will then see that the controller is directly taken into account instead of the keyboard. You will be able to change the key assignment in the control settings panel.

If this first option works for you, then good game. But sometimes it doesn’t work, so I invite you to read option 2.

Option 2: Use controller recognition software (PS4)

If by plugging in your controller, nothing happens, you will have to install a little software (this is valid for any game).

Configure a PS4 controller

  • Download the DS4Windows software by clicking here.
  • Unzip the file on your desktop.
  • Start the installation of DS4Windows.exe.
  • Install the DS4 driver.
  • Connect your controller to the PC (either by USB or by Bluetooth), it will then be recognized and can be configured using the DS4Windows control panel.

Set up an Xbox controller

You shouldn’t have too many problems setting up your Xbox controller (especially if you are on the latest versions of Windows) since the Xbox is owned by Microsoft. If your Xbox controller is not recognized, however, be sure to update your plugins.

The joys of driving on snowy or muddy roads are yours!

SnowRunner players on Xbox and PlayStation consoles can now enjoy vehicles, maps and other community-created content through mod support.

SnowRunner mods are available through mod.io, a cross-platform alternative to the Steam Workshop. You just need to create an account on the platform to take advantage of the 694 mods currently offered.

Available since April 28, the off-road driving simulation launched its season 2 in November, with two new maps located in the Canadian plains of the Yukon. Two more seasons are planned, at least in the game’s first season pass.

SnowRunner puts you behind the wheel of many massive and overpowered all-terrain vehicles from renowned brands such as Pacific, Navistar and many more, in open environments under extreme conditions. Explore over 15 new “sandbox” game environments up to 4x the size of MudRunner.

Genre : Courses

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developer: Saber Interactive

Release date : 28/04/2020

Planned on:

Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC Windows