[HOT] : SnowRunner – How to start the adventure well Part two


If you cannot move at low speed, you can engage the AWD and / or the differential unit by holding LB, L1 or LShift, then pressing the corresponding button (picture29). By using the AWD, fuel consumption is greatly increased, but you will have an easier time traversing muddy and rough terrain. If despite all these activated elements your vehicle does not move, there is still one more thing to try: the winch.


8- The winch
The winch will quickly become your best friend during your explorations. It not only helps you get out of the mud, but also helps tow stuck vehicles. To use the winch, press F (PC), Triangle (PS4), or Y (Xbox One) to hang the winch on the nearest tree or pole.

For more precision, open the “functions” menu, select “Hang winch” (picture30), choose an anchor point on your vehicle, then aim for the tree or pole on which you want to hang (picture31). Then hold F, triangle or Y while accelerating to use the force of the winch in addition to the power of your vehicle (picture32).




9- What if I am totally stuck?
If with the previous elements you are still stuck, do not panic. From anywhere, open the “functions” menu, select “recover” and validate (pictures33and34). Your vehicle will end up automatically in your garage (picture35). Note that if you prefer to keep your cargo (which will be abandoned in case of “fast travel”), you can also teleport to the garage, choose another vehicle and join your stuck vehicle in order to get it out of the panade with your winch.

The best way to ride is to drive a truck from point A to point B, and start over! This is pretty much the main gameplay loop of SnowRunner which, despite a certain “hype”, is aimed at a rather specific audience, like its predecessor. But Saber Interactive’s title actually turns out to be much better than Spintires Mudrunner. The biggest objective flaws have been fixed, the game is more welcoming and, with the arrival of snow, the terrain in which you can get stuck is more varied than ever. Lovers of mud, winches and delivery boards can therefore darken with their eyes closed on this episode, which undoubtedly surpasses its predecessors.


  • Three very large environments
  • Realistic physics
  • Full of vehicles
  • More beautiful, more accessible and better finished than Mudrunner


  • Screenwriting still very shy
  • You have to like the postman quests …
  • Co-op mode to review
  • Some recalcitrant bugs


Initially released in 2014, Spintires was subsequently taken over by Focus and Saber Interactive, who finally released a certain Spintires Mudrunner at the end of 2017. Today, these same two entities offer us SnowRunner, which could have been very successful. ‘call Mudrunner 2. Because the arrival of snow does not mean the disappearance of mud. It’s gone again for hours skating in questionable terrain, using winches to get out of the most desperate situations, and delivering more and more cargo.

First of all, let us specify that those who expected from this Mudrunner 2 (which does not say its name) a better scripting will be at their expense. There are no characters to meet, nor cutscenes worthy of the name, nor really a storyline. The game starts with a simple little text informing us that a catastrophic flood has occurred, and that our help is needed to repair a bridge. Some players may find that a real storyline and a real staging would be totally unnecessary for what appears to be a simple truck simulation, but they would be wrong. Because in reality, SnowRunner can almost be considered an RPG. First of all, we are entitled to a semi-open world, made up of three main regions: Michigan, Alaska and Taimyr. If it is unnecessary to present the first two, it will be specified that the third is located in central Siberia. The theme of the cold is present, but do not believe that the game takes place entirely under the snow. On this point, the title and the cover are slightly misleading… and that’s good!

We are delighted to find the muddy terrain of the previous episode, and to wade through materials more varied than ever. Roads, earth, mud, thick mud, water, rocky scree, snow and ice form the range of paths to be traveled. Just like the first Ubisoft action-RPG, SnowRunner offers us watchtowers to unlock, in order to gradually reveal the map. These towers are often located in hard-to-reach environments, but conquering them helps dispel the fog of war, revealing the location of objectives to be completed, upgrades to be picked up, and vehicles and more. trailers to be requisitioned. The objectives can be of the Contracts, Tasks or Challenges type, which in other circumstances would be called main quests, side quests and… challenges. Even if the developers have tried to make an effort, the variety is not entirely there. Most of the time, the objectives are limited to picking up a cargo at point A on board the correct vehicle, and delivering it to point B.


Over the course of the missions completed, we gain money and experience, in order to buy new vehicles and increase our driver rank, which gives us access to ever larger trucks, to spare parts. ever more equipment and even additional objectives. Gas stations are used to refuel, while garages are used not only to repair damaged vehicles, but also to improve our toys (engines, gearboxes, suspensions, tires, etc.), to personalize them, or to buy. and sell more vehicles. There are still about forty in all, which is more than the number of weapons in some RPGs. At this point in the test, you may be telling yourself that this analogy has gone on long enough, and that in addition it is half- up since there are no enemies to fight in SnowRunner. Think again ! Enemies, you will meet plenty of them. Except that here they take the form of a badly placed rock, a ford a little too deep, a marsh that we did not expect to find at the bend of a bend, a muddy area too wide or too steep. Beyond the somewhat too basic factor quests, it is indeed in the conduct on difficult terrain that lies the heart of the gameplay.

This everyday struggle that made all the salt in Spintires Mudrunner is even more gratifying in SnowRunner, because the game has progressed on many points. The graphics are much better, the cockpit view finally looks like something, the camera now behaves correctly, and the game is overall clearer and more accessible. It feels good !

Physics is very well managed, and you will need to use the various tools at your disposal wisely so as not to find yourself permanently stuck. Here, we fight with the hand brake, low speed, all-wheel drive and differential lock. But your most precious ally is the winch, which you can hang on a nearby tree, in order to more easily extract the vehicle from the mess in which you have inadvertently placed it. This daily struggle that made all the salt in Spintires Mudrunner is even more gratifying in SnowRunner, because the game has progressed on many points. The graphics are much better, the cockpit view finally looks like something, the camera now behaves correctly, and the game is overall clearer and more accessible. It feels good ! No need, however, to cry out for a miracle and to get on the hype train too quickly, because the series still has some room for improvement. Beyond the lack of real scripting, we can for example regret that the cooperative mode commits a huge blunder: the progress made during a game is only saved for the host of the session! We can also deplore here and there the presence of some bugs (for example an invalid contract while all the conditions are met), some of which are downright inherited from the very first Spintires (poorly recognized steering wheels in particular). The publisher and the development studio promise us that patches are on the way. There is more to hope that they do not get bogged down during the journey.

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