[HOT] : SnowRunner – How to start the Part one adventure

Although taking the broad lines of its older brother MudRunner, SnowRunner brings a touch of freshness by adopting a gameplay more focused on the duration. Indeed, the software opts for a progression model that approaches metroidvania, which can confuse old and new players. Here are all our tips for getting the SnowRunner experience off to a good start.


Important point of the SnowRunner experience, exploration is the central hub of your game. Many times you will feel like you are stuck, in truth you are not. Surely you just neglected the exploration. Indeed, the map has many secrets, which we will not reveal here, but which will allow you to always go further in the adventure. Truck (s), car (s) and above all upgrade parts! These are the parts that you will usually have a problem with. So instead of going around aimlessly, look for watchtowers instead, they allow you to mark the various places / interesting objects on the map. Once the tower is unlocked go to the interesting points (cars / trucks / upgrade parts).


  • For exploration, choose a Scoot type vehicle. Category composed exclusively of cars.
  • The Chevrolet CK1500 will ramp up quickly through exploration and parts, so feel free to improve it.
  • Knowing a region by heart will save you time. Small paths can be an advantage if you know in advance the traps they have (thick mud for example).

Freight transport

This may seem paradoxical in view of the hegemony of the software, but the transport of goods does not happen immediately. Unlike the previous game, you will need to upgrade / adapt your truck from the start of the game before you can make certain deliveries. At the end of the tutorial (which lets you loose in Alaska), return to Montana. Normally, you will have a range of trucks capable of making the majority of deliveries in the US region. Differentiate between two types of objectives, contracts and side missions.

Contracts are perilous missions more complicated than secondary objectives but can earn a lot of money and reputation. The secondary objectives will allow you to better understand the region, by sending you towards the watchtowers or by asking that you repair bridges, roads, etc. The two are a pair, so don’t hesitate to chain the side missions together to make the main ones easier!


  • We come back to this point, but don’t neglect the exploration! The more you know the region, the easier your trips will be.
  • Test Your Trucks: It might sound silly, but a lot can vary from truck to truck. The same is true when you improve them. For example, the GMC MH9500 (your first truck) is limited to its debut. However, quickly it will have more power and will be able to access new places.
  • Don’t overlook the weight: your trucks and cargo are heavy. An empty ride will be no problem, while loaded with a trailer can block your truck.
  • Take your time: don’t go too fast. Taking the time to observe the surroundings will allow you to better manage the difficulty and therefore not to restart your delivery! Always, with this in mind, do not force things, especially if you are solo. If you see that a truck does not pass, it is because it is not ready or not suitable to pass. Then come back later or with another more suitable truck.
  • Mark your path: before leaving, take the time to mark the path, knowing where you are going and by which paths will save you time. Also anticipate future difficulties and optimize your trip.
  • Adapt your vehicle: once your objective has been chosen, your route has been mapped out, adapt your truck. Why bother with a crane or a flatbed if you just have to bring back a trailer? Do you know that mud is waiting for you? Raise your machine! Try to think of anything that can help you.
  • Favor daytime travel: there is more visibility, more information, more of everything, in short. The day is your friend! Night makes things more complicated.

How to build reputation and currency quickly in SnowRunner?

Unfortunately in SnowRunner there is no miracle recipe for gaining reputation and currency. You have to chain the main or secondary missions. For the currency you can sell the vehicles you don’t like or the trailers once used. Moreover, the sale price is the same as the purchase price. Thus, no significant loss so do not hesitate on it.

As a reminder, SnowRunner is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


This section of the guide for SnowRunner gives you some tips for start well your part. The first hours in SnowRunner are quite difficult, so we will explain the steps to follow to progress more calmly.

1- explore the surroundings
First, as soon as you have passed the tutorial phase, start by exploring the Black River region with the Chevrolet CK1500 (pictures1and2).



The objective is to familiarize yourself with the different terrains, with the vehicle controls (remember to activate the AWD which is essential for navigating in difficult terrain), but above all to locate watchtowers, vehicles and hidden improvements. in the region (pictures3,4and5).




2- The importance of watchtowers
The watchtowers of the regions are indicated on your map (picture6). When you reach a watchtower, press the indicated button to observe the surroundings: you will thus know the location of contracts, tasks, vehicles and upgrades (pictures7and8). In addition, using a watchtower allows you to reveal all the surrounding roads, which is very useful for planning your routes.




3- Improvements
As soon as you have spotted improvements in the area, go look for them with your Chevrolet CK1500 or any other all-terrain vehicle (pictures9,10and11). As we will see below, improvements will be necessary to start certain contracts and certain tasks.




4- Contracts and tasks
To progress in SnowRunner, you need to improve your reputation and earn money. This information can be found in your profile (picture12). To earn both money and reputation, you need to complete contracts and tasks.


Some of these missions are quite difficult and require specific vehicles or certain upgrades. Also, you cannot do all the available missions from the start. So start with small, fairly simple missions that require you to bring goods (picture13), or simply go to a point indicated (picture14).



5- New vehicles
As with the improvements, take the time to look for abandoned vehicles in the area (picture15). If the vehicle is in good condition, approach it (picture16), open the “Functions” menu, choose “change truck” and select the vehicle (picture17). You can then choose “collect” to transport it directly to your garage.




However, if the vehicle is damaged, you need to repair it first. To do this, take a repair trailer (picture18), or place a box of repair tools on your vehicle (picture19). Then go near the vehicle and repair it before you can retrieve it.



You can sell the vehicles you get in the regions. To do this, place them in a garage, choose “keep”, then go to “trucks”, and press the button to sell them (pictures20,21and22).

6- Upgrade vehicles
After recovering some vehicles and some improvements, enter the garage, select a vehicle and choose “customization” (picture23). You will be able to use the improvements that you have found (picture24). Be careful, however, each vehicle has its own improvements.



The customization screen is very useful to find out in which region a specific improvement is located (picture25). In addition, by increasing your reputation, new improvements will be available, but they will be paid for (picture26).



7- Low speed, differential and AWD
Now let’s move on to driving over difficult terrain. When you are on a dry road or path, you can drive at auto speed (picture27), without having to use another option.


On the other hand, as soon as you find yourself in the mud, things get complicated. The first thing to do is to switch to low speed: hold down the LB, L1 or LShift key, then select the low speed indicated by the letter L (picture28). At low speed, the vehicle will be slower but will gain traction, thus reducing the risk of getting stuck.

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