[HOT] : Snowrunner: How to take a journey of mastery and patience Part one

Racing games abound on Nintendo Switch, but not all have the same characteristics. If we find very popular arcade games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Where Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled, pure and hard simulations are less popular because they are intended for a so-called “niche” audience. This is the case with this Snowrunner, developped by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive : the title proposes to embark on a rather particular adventure because it consists in delivering goods to the four corners of several regions, which are the Michigan, l’Alaska and the Siberia, aboard large trucks. Of course, if it is possible to take “passable” roads, it will also be a question of crossing muddy paths, snow-covered or flooded passages. Released last year on other consoles, Snowrunner only land now on Switch and wants to ensure a quality experience on the hybrid console.

Snowrunner and Death Stranding, same fight: we deliver

It seems somewhat obvious, but Snowrunner absolutely not based on a script. In fact, it is quite the opposite: the player is from the start swung in the depths of Michigan, in a low-end car barely able to navigate muddy passages. No context, no princess to save or whatever. You are on your own and you will quickly understand that the only goal of the game is to succeed in missions that will give certain points of interest, scattered all over the map. Like a The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild and many others – at Ubisoft in particular, discovery points, called the watchtowers, are scattered on the map and allow you to show the map of a particular area.

Fortunately, you are not totally alone: ​​the tutorials go with you for a long time at the start, based on a prologue principle. They obviously allow you to assimilate the basics and characteristics of the gameplay, which is useful because some things are far from obvious to understand. The classic way you can go forward, backward, honk your horn – amazing, isn’t it? Note also that you have the choice between driving in the third person (view from behind the truck) and a view in the first person. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, with one or the other being more practical in one or another condition. All the subtlety of the gameplay and the vehicle to choose from lies in the different terrain configurations, practicable or not, which will be offered to you.

Snowrunner is a sandbox type game, that is, you can freely explore a fairly large but limited area. However, it is not possible to go everywhere, for the simple reason that your vehicle will not allow you, most of the time, to cut through the fields to reach a destination more quickly. Three areas are offered at the start, but only one is accessible during the tutorial: the Michigan. This territory allows you to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and your truck, as well as to start earning money and experience by completing missions.

The first consists of repairing a bridge to connect two zones and thus widen the exploration perimeter. The mission clearly tells you that you have to bring a certain quantity of materials (wood, metal, boards, all kinds of things in the end) to a given place, and the place where you have to go to get them. Some missions allow you to unlock some more practical passages for driving, so do not neglect them in your journey. If the truck can haul a few materials, very often it will be impossible to rely on it alone to make deliveries, unless you want to hurt yourself a lot and make several round trips. The trailers are fortunately present and allow to transport several other materials, but the handling of the truck will obviously be affected.

Foolproof realism

A multitude of vehicles is offered in Snowrunner, each with characteristics that differentiate them from the others. The main elements of comparison are the weight, the speed, the durability, the consumption but the wheels, the engine or the suspension are to be taken into account if you want a balanced vehicle. For that, you have the choice between the vehicles already present on the ground, not often known for their high quality, and those of the shops, which you can buy with cash – virtual, of course. The vehicles are expensive, as are the customization elements – some are not even applicable on all vehicles: at the beginning, even buying a mid-range vehicle can take a long time if you take the time to complete each assignment. It will therefore be necessary to be intelligent in the choices made and to prioritize a good vehicle at the start rather than buying good wheels or a spacious and manoeuvrable trailer.