[HOT] : Snowrunner: How to Take a Journey of Mastery and Patience Part two

You have surely already noticed it, Snowrunner wants to be very realistic and is a simulation in many ways. You will have to manage your fuel gauge, which can be refilled at the service stations at different places on the map. Refueling is free on normal difficulty, but becomes chargeable on hard mode – additional difficulty characteristics are also included in this mode. The physics of the game are also quite impressive, so much does it correspond to what we could experience under the same conditions in real life. The smallest stone, even a small one, can hinder your progress and block your vehicle if you are already in bad shape in the water or mud. To avoid this situation, it is better to take care to have a truck suitable for off-roading as it is very easy to get stuck or bogged down. Fortunately, it is possible to get out of some desperate situations by resorting to the winch which, if you trigger it, will cling to a fixed object in the vicinity (trees, electric pole, etc.) and allow the force of the truck to be used to get out of there.

In the worst case, if the situation is really critical, and you cannot see and can do nothing to move your truck, there is the draft option, which allows you to return to the garage whether you registered your vehicle there, or where you discovered it. This has the dual effect of repairing damage to the truck, as well as filling the fuel gauge. Sure, you will then have to go back all the way you have just traveled, by trying to find another vehicle or another, more passable road. If you get back on the road from the garage, this will be an opportunity to change trucks, buy a new one or personalize your vehicle by improving the wheels, the chassis, etc. The more missions you complete, the more money and experience you will earn to unlock other missions, and therefore earn even more money. After a moment, these endless contracts end up being repetitive : “Look for such materials in such and such a place then bring them back to such and such a place”, you have to like the mechanism to do it 100%.

Snowrunner, a quality but demanding simulation

Snowrunner is therefore very precise and very picky about details.. If there is no doubt that it appeals to fans of the genre, it may not be suitable for the most novices. I myself have been sometimes lost, tired of having to redo the same paths because I am too bad to pass them properly, being a beginner in this field. There is certainly a fairly rich tutorial, but I would have liked to have been taken a little more by the hand – even if it means adding an option to disable tutorials for experts. For a newcomer, it can be complicated to fully immerse yourself in the title and remain patient faced with the proposed challenges, a task that is not made easier by the total lack of life in the game. You will not see anyone, not even a single animal : the only signs of life will be lights that come on in the houses at nightfall! It’s a shame, because the title would have gained in accessibility by offering quests given by NPCs. Traveling through the zones is however very pleasant, but the impression of walking in a post-apocalyptic world is much less so.

Like any self-respecting portage, let’s talk about the technical aspect of this Snowrunner. The title is doing very well on Nintendo’s hybrid console, with the correct viewing distance – despite details, such as grass, showing up at the last moment. Tire tracks on snow or mud are very well transcribed : you can even see the mud squirting from the wheels when you are blocked and you force the engine. The resolution looks a bit low – even more so in portable mode, but doesn’t spoil the experience. My gaming sessions were very smooth and I did not observe any drop in framerate (set at 30 fps). Finally, know that if you have difficulties in your solo adventure, you can call on friends to help you fulfill your contracts, these famous missions: a very practical functionality, it is still necessary to have friends.

Puffy at first, then exciting, Snowrunner takes a long time to reveal its full potential and to prove to be truly enjoyable. The start of the game will put off more than one by its difficulty, due to an impractical vehicle. Allow several hours to finally unlock trucks that are really efficient and will therefore make your life easier. For novices this can be a real brake, but fans of the genre will be delighted to know that they have a very good quality simulation and hours and hours of play in perspective, to challenge the muddy and snowy paths and fill the dozens of missions that offers Snowrunner.