[HOT] : Snowrunner: How to unlock the Caterpillar 770G?

La update 10 Snowrunner is bringing new content to the game as part of the phase 2 rollout of the Explore and Expand Season Pass. She brings, among other things, two new cards as well as three new vehicles, including the Caterpillar 770G.

Find in this article a complete presentation of the new vehicle, the Caterpillar 770G!

How to unlock the Caterpillar 770G?

To unlock the new Caterpillar 770G vehicle, first go to the garage on the Flood Hills map (Yukon region, Canada). In the garage parking lot accept the task “Dumpster against Dumpster”.

Before doing it, accept the “North Bridge” task right next to it and repair the bridge using two Metal Beams. You have a warehouse that owns it just south of the garage. Once done, you can focus on the previously accepted task. Take an all-terrain truck with a low hitch and deliver the trailer to the garage. Attach a fuel trailer to your truck and refuel the vehicle. You unlock the Caterpillar 770G! Now you just have to go to your garage to be able to buy this new vehicle.

General presentation of the Caterpillar 770G

The Caterpillar 770G is a vehicle of the category “Heavy”. It is a really mastoc vehicle! It is also announced as the biggest vehicle in the game! It is therefore clearly intended for the transport of huge trailers.

On the basic characteristics side, note a 530L tank, the absence of the AWD, a differential lock type “Always active” and respective notes B + A B-. You will find all of its basic characteristics on the screens below.

Once unlocked, it will cost you the modest sum of $ 168,800 to obtain it.

Now let’s take a look at the possible customization of the vehicle, which is not huge.

-We will first note the possibility of having 3 different engines, the basic one and two improved versions found among the improvements present on the North Port and Perdro Bay maps in Alaska (see our guide to Alaska upgrades).

-On the gearbox side, the player has two possibilities: “special” (basic choice), and “Advanced special”. The last option is on the Pedro Bay map in Alaska (see our guide).

-The player then has only one type of suspension choice: « standard ».

-Only one type of winch is also available for purchase: ” by default “.

-As for the chassis modules, you will have the choice between 2 customizations: Heavy hitch saddle or heavy fuel trailer.

What use for the Caterpillar 770G?

The Caterpillar 770G has several key features. It is a vehicle in the “Heavy” category, very large in size, with a large tank but high consumption. In addition, it has no AWD and has a differential lock type “Always active”.

Given these characteristics, it turns out to be relatively limited in extreme conditions. It’s not with the Caterpillar 770G that you are going to climb the worst snowy slopes or go full speed in water and mud!

On the contrary, it will prove to be particularly efficient on roads and paths to pull huge trailers.. The presence of a heavy hitch as a possible module reinforces this aspect. It is therefore not a vehicle that we will use on a daily basis, but which will be particularly useful to us in end-of-map contracts which usually require us to haul huge trailers from one point to another.

The possibility of equipping it with a fuel trailer with a capacity of 2000L can also lead us to use it as a support vehicle to be positioned in certain places on the map to refuel our other trucks.

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