[HOT] : SnowRunner: How to unlock the Ford F 750?

The update 6.0 begins the deployment of the Season Pass “Search & Recovery” on Snowrunner. It brings, among other things, the new card Kovd Lake as well as two new vehicles, the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” and the Ford F 750.

Find in this article a complete presentation of the new vehicle, the Ford F 750!

How to unlock the Ford F 750?

As a standard, the Ford F 750 cannot be purchased from the garage when you first start the game. To get it, you need to follow the following steps:

Go to the Lake Kovd map garage (Kola Peninsula region).

  • Take an all-terrain vehicle, if possible fitted with a chain tire and capable of withstanding a fairly long and complicated journey.
  • Go to the north of the map, to the point you will find on the map below.
  • Activate the “Stranger” task, you will then have to tow the Ford F 750 to the north camp which is located to the northeast of the map.
  • Once the task is completed, you can take control of the Ford F750 and store it in the garage.

A noter : like access to the Lake Kovd card, the Ford F 750 is only obtainable for players who have the “Search & Recovery” season pass on Snowrunner.

General presentation of the Ford F 750

The Ford F 750 is a vehicle of the category “Scout”. It is therefore a light vehicle, particularly useful for exploration and rapid movement on maps.

On the basic characteristics side, we will note a 140L tank, an AWD type “capable” (it will be necessary to unlock the improvement), a differential lock “Always active” and respective ratings C B- S. You find all of its basic characteristics on the screen below.

Once unlocked, the Garage Purchase Price is $ 54,400.

Now let’s take a look at the possible customization of the vehicle. We will first note the possibility of having 3 different engines, the basic one and two improved versions found among the improvements present on the Smithville Dam and Island Lake maps in Michigan (see our guide dedicated to the question).

As for the gearboxes, only one model is available, the “personalized” gearbox.

Five types of winches are available directly for purchase: Standard Scout, Long Scout, Advanced Scout, Autonomous Scout, and High Power Scout.

As for the chassis modules, you will have the choice between 6 customizations. The first 4 (the pickup deck, custom pickup deck, repair tool box, and utility rack) will allow you to store a fair amount of repair material and fuel on your Scout. You can also equip it with a flatbed trailer to transport a unit of cargo and a small loading crane.

Finally, your vehicle can be either in RWD or AWD version (if you do not know exactly the difference, we invite you to read our guide dedicated to the question). You might as well tell you right away, without the AWD you won’t get far. To unlock it you will have to explore the map of Lake Kovd.

What use for the Ford F 750?

The Ford F 750 is going to have a somewhat similar role to the other vehicle added with update 6.0 (the TUZ 16 “Actaeon”). Like all scouts, it will not be of use to you to transport goods, its platform having only one place and it is not able to pull heavy trailers.

It will therefore first be useful for map exploration, even if in terms of pure power the TUZ 420 still remains above.

It will also be very practical as a support vehicle to troubleshoot vehicles in distress on maps. By playing with the chassis modules, you will be able to take in all 500 repair parts, 8 spare wheels and 330L of fuel. Not bad isn’t it for a little boy scout?

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