[HOT] : SnowRunner: the Gamel Trophy how to revive? Part one

After the mud, the gravel, the uneven grounds and the blackcurrants or the speed bumps, the developers of Saber Interactive come back to the load, always in ankle with Focus Home Interactive. This time it is a question of integrating the extreme conditions of the most severe climates with what that implies of snow and slippery-icy terrain… What do you mean, you skate?

In 2014, few publishers would have bet their shirts on Spintires, a game developed by Oovee Games taking place in the heart of the Russian plains where the words GPS, roads and maps seem barely known. At the controls of mastodons of the taiga, the player had to ensure the transport of goods. Rebelote in 2017 with the release of MudRunner and a larger budget for Saber Interactive which took over. Focus Home Interactive, already present in the utility world with Farming Simulator, smelled the good deal and took it well since the Spintires formula – boosted by more vehicles and a larger, more varied environment – encountered a great success… In any case, enough for the two friends to indulge in globalization with SnowRunner where Alaska and Michigan are added to the immense plains of Siberia.


Car in the roadstead and sleeping bags all soaked

“Every year, men with big cars go full blast without taking a road map. Results ? They take the most poorly maintained roads and plant themselves like big sea lions stuffed with beer ”. In three lines, at the end of the 80s, the Dummies murdered the Paris-Dakar. Without knowing it, they described above all and with a rather formidable precision, the pitch of SnowRunner. As you can imagine, we’re pushing it a bit, but the point is that 50% of the time spent on SnowRunner will be spent doing great bowls in the mud, sliding barely controlled on icy surfaces or playing the winch to try. to get back “on the right track”.

The tutorial is detailed at the beginning, but then functions are forgotten © Nerces for Clubic

At its core, SnowRunner is certainly not a bowl simulator, but as any Spintires / MudRunner enthusiast will tell you, it is an essential part of the game, a kind of side effect that involves appreciate the mud masks to take a minimum of pleasure on these deliveries of goods in the most lost and inhospitable corners of the planet. But let’s start with the beginning and the actual organization of the game. A SnowRunner player is indeed starting out in Michigan behind the wheel of a Chevrolet CK1500 pickup. Yes, first important information: SnowRunner vehicles are not only inspired by real machines, real licensing agreements have been signed with some renowned manufacturers in order to have 18 iconic models in the game.

First delivery… first emotions © Nerces for Clubic

“Official” models therefore which complete a plethora of offer … well especially if we compare it to the 10 poor machines present in Spintires and the 19 of MudRunner. At this level, we clearly feel the much larger budget of Saber Interactive: in total there are therefore 40 mechanical monsters that we can take the wheel to have fun going off-road. Chevrolet is part of it, but also CAT, Ford, GMC, Western Star, Freightliner, Pacific Trucks or Hummer. At the start of the game, however, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the CK1500, a very practical pickup to learn the basics of the game. The first hours are thus devoted to a kind of advanced tutorial: we master the basic controls (acceleration, braking), we learns to engage the four-wheel drive mode and to winch to get out of sticky situations.

Going in search of the watchtowers is a good start when you arrive on a map © Nerces pour Clubic

Very quickly, however, SnowRunner directs the player to the heart of his gameplay: exploring the map in order to find new missions and new contracts. SnowRunner effectively sets itself apart from its predecessors by giving more objectives to players, leaving them a little less lost in the middle of the immensity of its map … of its maps should we say besides since it is not quite a question of a single open world, but rather three vast regions with each time three maps connected to each other. Thus, there is obviously no direct link between Alaska, Michigan and the Taimyr Peninsula, in the middle of Siberia. Going from one of these vast regions to the other is done via a kind of teleportation and if SnowRunner does indeed offer a total of 30 square kilometers of land to be discovered, the 8.25 km² of MudRunner was more of a whole.

Who doesn’t want my cement? © Nerces for Clubic

Note however that despite this “division”, SnowRunner is undoubtedly larger and richer than its two ancestors. Since we are to see “who has the biggest”, note that SnowRunner offers more variety in the missions while MudRunner was satisfied with a single formula. In the same vein, more goods, cargo ships are offered to players who can embellish their trucks with many more “add-ons”, these elements intended to completely change the function of a particular machine. It is also good to point out that the personalization of vehicles is now entering the game: we would have liked something more complete – especially in terms of paints and vinyls – but it is already that … especially as mods are still the order of the day with SnowRunner.

Vehicle improvements are scattered on the maps © Nerces for Clubic


Inter-ticket… transport

That said, before talking about modifying the game, we should perhaps clarify the ins and outs… I digress, I digress. So let’s go back to Michigan behind the wheel of this Chevrolet CK1500. After the basic controls, SnowRunner tells us how to refuel – they’re thirsty for those little beasts – and how to use the map. For now, the latter is almost entirely plunged into darkness. Optionally, the player can go on an adventure and clear up area by area, road by road, but he can also spot the few watchtowers spread over the map. The technique is not new, it has already been overexploited by Ubisoft, but let’s recognize that it works: as soon as we reach a watchtower, a portion of the map is revealed with what that implies new missions and new goals.

SnowRunner takes advantage of the first round, to launch us on the system of contracts, at the base of the new missions and the new organization of the game compared to MudRunner. Indeed, on each card, several companies offer successive contracts. The idea here is to impose goals on players in order to remedy the aimless wandering side of MudRunner. Here, it will be a question of channeling the resources to put a bridge back on its feet and there to come and release a cistern that has fallen in the mud. The interest of these objectives is also that they come to bring a semblance of progression to the game. There, opinions may diverge, however. Indeed, certain roads, certain portions of the map are inaccessible as long as the pylon fallen across the track has not been cleared for example. Access to the second and then to the third map of a region is therefore conditional on the success of certain missions.