[HOT] : SnowRunner: the Gamel Trophy how to revive? Part two

Such a way of organizing things goes a bit against the open world principle, which is widely put forward by the developers. Still, if MudRunner fans do not need this kind of artifice, all newcomers will undoubtedly be delighted to be a little held by the hand. Especially since it is not in the habits of Saber Interactive. Indeed, even if certain portions of the map are blocked, it is often up to the player to discover it “the hard way”. We drive with our load thinking that we will be able to take this section to realize that no, it is hardly practicable with the huge semi-trailer that we are carrying around. Too bad, we will have to turn around and complete a few missions for the main road to be open again.

The interest of this system is twofold: you can choose to chain contracts in this way in order to always have something a little interventionist and never be too lost or, on the contrary, you can decide to go for it. adventure and carry out the missions according to what you come across. A second approach that will delight fans of previous opus more than newcomers. This variety of approaches is of course linked to the variety of missions offered. As we have said, SnowRunner’s activities are much more diversified and if the heart of the game is still the delivery here of cement, there of metal for different industries in the sector, we can also be commissioned for the recovery of abandoned trailers, get out of a stuck vehicle, pump a slightly soggy area, or even participate in real short races against the clock to show all our mastery of small 4 × 4 exploration.

Still, the whole interest of SnowRunner lies more in its driving system, its very simulation approach than in the dressing. We feel that Saber Interactive still has progress to make in the organization of its card, the variety of missions or the management of its interface. On the other hand, on the driving side, the result is quite astounding. Let us first underline the extreme care taken in the modeling of the various machines and in the reproduction of their technical specificities. This is associated once again with the perfect integration of the Havok physics engine. It’s nothing new as it was already associated with MudRunner, but Saber Interactive has gone a step further in taking into account the elements of the set, in the reaction and behavior of the vehicles. SnowRunner is perfectly capable of handling uneven roads of course, but also of taking into account the different types of terrain.


Trucks not that dull

We are not talking here of differentiating between a motorway and a dirt road, but of taking into account more or less muddy areas, more or less important blackcurrants. Depending on whether the suspension of our vehicle is higher or lower, whether the wheels adopt a diameter of 39 ”or 50” and whether the tires are off-road type or fitted with chains, the behavior of the truck will be radically different. We must then be careful of the risk of mechanical breakage of course – launched at 60 or 70 km / s, it is never good to meet a rock – but also and especially the nature of the terrain. It didn’t take long to find ourselves stuck in a deeper area than expected or to be knocked down on our side because the slope of the road was “incompatible” with the balance of our fully loaded truck.

It is then necessary to play the winch as the tutorial explained to us at the very beginning of the game. Of course, things are much more complicated when it comes to “towing” a whopping 38 tonnes than just “towing” our Chevrolet CK1500. It is necessary to be correct in the choice of the anchor point and this leads to other rather original activities such as the management of loading / rescue cranes. We have to anchor our vehicle in the ground so that it is not carried away by the weight of the vehicle / container to be “saved”, we have to manage the movements of the crane and, of course, allow the cargo to arrive. safe and sound. In this type of case, but also in most driving situations in “difficult terrain”, SnowRunner imposes its rhythm on the player.

You have to know how to take your time to negotiate your progress on a steep path, you have to know how to keep reason when for the third time, we lose our damn cargo for an unsteady steering wheel. At this level, SnowRunner involves playing behind the wheel or controller. Unfortunately, the management of the keyboard is not fine enough, not subtle enough to achieve our ends. Another complaint, the level of difficulty is strangely much higher at the start of the game, when we do not control anything, we have low-end vehicles and no option to make them more efficient. In SnowRunner, you have to agree to redo the same mission two, three or four times, you plague the physics engine sometimes capable of quite remarkable flashes and other times – much rarer luckily – of completely “morons” blockages like this. branch which wedges our Azov 42-20 Antartic, a kind of variation of the monstrous Kamaz Arctic 6345.
These few Havok engine bugs are quite understandable when you see the richness of SnowRunner situations. Still, when you see your truck completely stuck / stuck to a tree trunk, it gets on your nerves! We are also quite annoyed by an interface that is not always well organized and the rather astounding absence of a GPS module worthy of the name. The interior view – yet logical on a simulation – is hardly usable and even if progress is to be reported, the developers are still far from the mark here. Technically, moreover, we feel clear improvements with less frequent bugs and more detailed environments. If it is clearly not the most beautiful game in the world, SnowRunner does the job and renders the crappy side of the paths that we sometimes have to walk rather well: the traces of mud or the evacuation of water are to this title rather well rendered.

While SnowRunner is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, the question of mods was raised. Saber Interactive responded nicely by authorizing community work through the mod.io platform. Better, several mods are already available and when we know that MudRunner had been well supported by its community, there is nothing to fear from this point of view. Unfortunately, the results of Saber Interactive are less convincing on two elements: first of all despite the presence of a “vibrations” option in the options, the effects are virtually zero and no force feedback is noticeable while this would obviously have contributed to the immersion of the player. Another regret, the multiplayer mode is barely sketched. We could have imagined a certain competition between friends, but in fact, it is simply a matter of being on the same map and challenging each other: nothing is planned to brighten up this multiplayer mode a little, which does not allow you to join a friend at any time: you must start the game with others from the menu.

SnowRunner: Clubic’s user review

What do you mean, rolling in the mud while transporting goods from point A or point B while playing the winch or the differential would not be to everyone’s taste? Certainly SnowRunner is aimed at what one might call a niche audience, but once this element is taken into account, we must recognize that it does it brilliantly by first signing a important changes since the release of MudRunner. A widely revised graphics engine, more precise physics than ever before and a more complete, more engaging game system to take advantage of the tens of square kilometers added to the map and the forty model vehicles. Still, SnowRunner keeps the terribly slow pace of its predecessors, its open world is still too stiff and a lot of small technical problems spoil the fun a bit. A niche game that will undoubtedly delight mechanical contemplatives … but will pester / fall asleep many other players.