[HOT] : Soon you will be able to make cloud-encrypted backup copies in WhatsApp | Technology

You will now be able to encrypt each of your cloud backup copies in WhatsApp, but never forget the password.

WhatsApp It is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world, and so we have to be twice vigilant to protect all of our messages, images and videos, and although the app offers end-to-end encrypted messaging, it can there are weak points in the equation.

However, if we decide to keep a backup stored in the cloud, this security is likely to be called into question, especially in the face of a legal requirement. Luckily from wabetainfo they reported that the app is running on a technology to independently encrypt all our cloud backups and oddly enough, in the latest beta update for Android, this system is already activated.

The operation of this encryption of WhatsApp backups is very simple, and when we make the copy in the cloud we will be asked to choose a password that will be used to retrieve this copy. It seems that a single password would be valid for all backups.

This password is totally necessary for us to remember it, or to have it written down in a safe place, because every time we restore a backup it will be required by the system. Note that this password It is totally private and is not shared with WhatsApp, Facebook or anyone.

These encrypted backups also support an additional key which can be used to apparently restore old password.

For this, this encryption key may contain numeric numbers and lowercase letters between “a” and “f”, but unfortunately as you lose this key, WhatsApp will not help you recover the encryption password and you will not be able to never restore your target backup.

So if you like to make backup copies of WhatsApp to protect your shared text, voice, video and image chats, it will be a good idea that once this feature hits the stable version, probably for the next few weeks, the activation, but without forgetting your password.