[HOT] : Spelunky 2: How to unlock each bonus character

You’d better believe that there are some bonus Spelunky 2 unlockable characters. There are extra ninjas, robots, and other little people you can add to your playable roster if you’re looking for enough secrets. These wacky extra characters don’t add anything to the game – they don’t give you any extra powers or playstyles. They are just for a little visual variety.

And we’ll (try) and find them all. There are already a lot more of these extra characters lying around, and Spelunky 2 is a ridiculously difficult game as it is. There is no guarantee that you will ever finish it. But even if you don’t get close, you can make sure you catch those bonus friends during your endless games.

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All bonus character locations
[[Travaux en cours: Nous ajouterons d’autres personnages et images bonus au fur et à mesure que nous les découvrirons!]

Bonus characters will always appear in coffins as you explore the stages. These coffins will contain a bonus playable character – once they are unlocked, if you find a repeated coffin in later games, they will spawn a generic NPC helper instead.

Playable characters have no special effects. These are just cool bonus characters! Some of these types are extremely difficult to find and you will need a little luck locating them. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll spot these spawning types somewhere you could reach them.

  • Spelunky 1 Rouge: Always appears in 1-4.
  • Spelunky 1 Vert: Always appears in one of the 2L steps. Appears in a coffin at one of the jungle stages.
  • Spelunky 1 Sarcelle: Appears in a random region of level 4.
  • Spelunky 1 Violet: Appears in a random region of level 4V.
  • Spelunky 1 Yellow: Unknown.
  • Spelunky 1 Or: Always appears in the Golden City. The Golden City is a secret area – more information to come.
  • Spelunky boy: Defeat the boss and complete a round.
  • Robot: Always appears in one of the 2R steps. Appears in a coffin at one of the Volcana stages.
  • Chieftain: Always spawns in the Black Market – the Black Market is a secret location accessible through 2L (Jungle).
  • Old lady: Still spawns in Vlad’s Castle – Vlad’s Castle is a secret location accessible via 2R (Volcana) using the Udjat Eye on the Giant Drill.
  • Young lady: Always appears in 5-1 (Yeti Cave).
  • Astronaut: Always appears in 5-1 (Mothership). The mothership is a secret area – more information to come.
  • Tunnel man: Unknown.
  • Ninja: Unknown.

What do we need to unlock all the secret characters in Spelunky 2?

It is simply a necessary task and it is only important to choose to open the coffins, for this it is vital to go through the levels of this game, only this is only possible with a certain part, because the other characters tend to win in a different way, The important thing is to work hard to find them, because in any case it is necessary to have all the secret characters, because the list is a bit long and therefore it you have to know where to find all the secret characters.

Where to find all the secret characters of Spelunky 2?

It is just a complex task, when you are just getting started it means facing dangers and a lot of other things in a certain way, however you have to progress to go far, because it is probably necessary to take separate paths, which are available in this game, in addition We are given the possibility to go through some particular places like Vlad’s castle, underworld or just the black market.

  • Liz Mutton: We get this character in a 2-1 casket in the jungle.
  • Tunel Manfred: we can get it in a coffin in the cave of Ankh in the lair of the Olmecs.
  • Nekka the Eagle – Found in a black market coffin.
  • Tina Flan: Found in a coffin in Abzu.
  • Princess Airyn – Found in a coffin in Neo Babylon.
  • Little Jay – Found in a coffin at 4-4 in the Tidal Basin.
  • Au: found in a coffin in the City of Gold
  • Coco von Diamonds – Found in a coffin in the Yeti Cave.
  • Pilot – Found in a coffin on the mothership.
  • Project Lise: Found in a coffin at 2-1 in Volcana.
  • Dirk Yamonka: Found in a coffin in the stomach of the Goliath Frog.
  • Valerie Crump: Found in a 4-4 coffin of the Temple of Anubis.
  • Guy Spelunky: You have to get to the normal end of the game.
  • The Classic Guy: Mandatory at the end of the game in the Sunken City.

This is all you need to know to know where to find all the secret characters, even if it is a long journey it is necessary to realize it, because in the end it will be rewarding in Spelunky 2.

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