[HOT] : Spelunky 2: How to unlock the three shortcuts | Mom’s Great Helper Guide

The hardest part of Spelunky 2 is that your progress is never saved. If you die you have to start from scratch – the only thing you will get from practice is knowledge. Knowing how to conquer the many tricks and traps without dying. It’s ridiculously useful to just train on levels faster, especially since Spelunky 2 includes tough enemies like bosses.

This is why shortcuts are so important. Shortcuts aren’t exactly great for long run races, as you’ll lose money and other opportunities early on. But you’ll be able to practice more in later levels – and with a little creative gameplay, it’s possible to make it lower than before without all the hassle.

There are three shortcuts in the game, and they are all important to unlock. If you can spare the coins and items, I will walk you through what you need for each shortcut and where to find them below.

The three shortcuts | Requirements Guide

There are three shortcuts that you can unlock at different intervals in the game. The first shortcut is located under the Quillback boss in 1-4 – from the shortcut you will have access to one of two paths (left or right).

Exit 1-4 will take you to an encounter with Terra. Respond to his three requests to unlock a shortcut. Go left of the main door to find the shortcut paths once they are unlocked.

  • Shortcut n ° 1: Start at the bottom of the last housing level 1-4.
    • Request n ° 1: 2000 gold coins
    • Request n ° 2: 1 bomb
    • Request n ° 3: 10,000 gold
  • Shortcut n ° 2: Start at the bottom of Olmec’s lair 3-1.
    • Request n ° 1: 1 string
    • Request n ° 2: Any weapon – Hunting rifles, bow guns, machetes. Boomerangs are the easiest to find in the jungle.
    • Request n ° 3: Any mount – Turkeys in the house or diamond dogs in Volcana count
  • Shortcut n ° 3: Start at the bottom of the last tide level 4-4.
    • Request n ° 1: 50,000 gold
    • Request n ° 2: Hired Hand – You can still get a Hired Hand where bonus characters appear.
    • Request n ° 3: Golden Key – Special key that appears in the house, level 1-2 or 1-3. Yes, you have to reduce it completely.

For completing a shortcut, you will earn the Mom’s little helper trophy, and for completing both shortcuts, you will get the Mom’s great helper trophy. Completing all three is a pain, but it’s also very, very useful for practicing the later areas.

What to know about shortcuts in Spelunky 2?

True, there are countless tasks that we have to complete in this game, where we will have the support of outstanding exploration abilities at different levels, sometimes shortcuts can help us to anticipate progress, but it can lead to certain demands. To be completed, to understand how to unlock shortcuts, we will carefully see the following content.

How to unlock shortcuts in Spelunky 2?

It is necessary that we get to know Terra, which we will be able to see at the end of level 1-4, for this we continue our normal progression until we are at this point, the next thing is we have to find some provisions for her, being necessary that let’s find some resources to give to Mama Tunnel so that the shortcuts can be unlocked, let’s see what items it is.

    • At level 1-4: the conditions to unlock the shortcuts here are a donation of 2000 dollars, a bomb x1 and another donation of 10,000 dollars
    • At level 3-1: here a gift of rope x1, weapon x1 and any mount is necessary, which allows us to access the corresponding shortcut
    • At level 5-1: $ 50,000 donation, committed hand x1 and golden key x1, which allows you to unlock this shortcut