[HOT] : Spelunky 2 Shortcuts – How to unlock each Part two shortcut

There are three shortcuts in the game, and they are all important to unlock. If you can spare the coins and items, I will walk you through what you need for each shortcut and where to find them below.

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The three shortcuts | Requirements Guide

There are three shortcuts that you can unlock at different intervals in the game. The first shortcut is located under the Quillback boss in 1-4 – from the shortcut you will have access to one of two paths (left or right).

Exit 1-4 will take you to an encounter with Terra. Respond to his three requests to unlock a shortcut. Go left of the main door to find the shortcut paths once they are unlocked.

  • Shortcut n ° 1: Start at the bottom of the last housing level 1-4.
    • Request n ° 1: 2000 gold coins
    • Request n ° 2: 1 bomb
    • Request n ° 3: 10,000 gold
  • Shortcut n ° 2: Start at the bottom of Olmec’s lair 3-1.
    • Request n ° 1: 1 string
    • Request n ° 2: Any weapon – Hunting rifles, bow guns, machetes. Boomerangs are the easiest to find in the jungle.
    • Request n ° 3: Any mount – Turkeys in the house or diamond dogs in Volcana count
  • Shortcut n ° 3: Start at the bottom of the last tide level 4-4.
    • Request n ° 1: 50,000 gold
    • Request n ° 2: Hired Hand – You can still get a Hired Hand where bonus characters appear.
    • Request n ° 3: Golden Key – Special key that appears in the house, level 1-2 or 1-3. Yes, you have to reduce it completely.

For completing a shortcut, you will earn the Mom’s little helper trophy, and for completing both shortcuts, you will get the Mom’s great helper trophy. Completing all three is a pain, but it’s also very, very useful for practicing the later areas.

Spelunky 2: unlock shortcuts

For 1 week I have a new obsession: Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2 is the sequel to 1 (yes really) and therefore offers an enhanced experience. This second episode is very similar to the first and at the same time offers a new challenge and it is the feeling of exploring a new game.

There is something else that has not changed, the game is tough. But then really.

If it is never unfair because we are always the cause of the game over, it is nonetheless a good way to test your own ability to resist defeat.

Before continuing, the trailer (the game is available on PS4 and PC)

In Spelunky, you have to descend and cross a series of biomes cut into 4 sub-parts and which offer their own bestiaries. On the other hand, you have to finish the game with 1 life, at the slightest game over, the player returns to level 1-1.

But to make the experience more progressive and to help the player to progress in his knowledge of the traps and the adversaries, the creator of the game created THE TUNNELS!

Yes, there are shortcuts in Spelunky that allow you to start the adventure further down. The advantage is that it avoids many dangers, the disadvantage is that the player accumulates less money, equipment and hearts. Indeed, in the game, there are regularly merchants who allow you to buy items, including bombs which are the best allies of adventurers.

But back to our tunnels. To unlock them, you have to finish the levels by fulfilling certain conditions such as giving money or equipment to Mama’s character. However, the game does not give any clues in advance, so before unlocking 1 tunnel you must be able to finish it several times. It is not possible to guess what Mama is going to ask us and as it is already hard to finish the levels, you might as well know the conditions to maximize your time.

Go here is the list:

To have access to 1-4 it is the most “simple” you have to give to Mama:

  • 2 000$
  • 1 bomb
  • 10 000$

you should be fine, it’s a good warm-up for the game, the hard part and getting to the end of the level.

To have access to 3-1

  • 1 rope
  • 1 weapon
  • 1 frame

The rope is easy. For the weapon, the ideal is to go through the jungle (left door) and retrieve a boomerang.
For the mount, there it is rather on the side of the lava world where you will meet the turkeys and the species of fire-breathing goats. Frankly a bit of a headache, especially since you have to beat the boss on the back of a goat.
ps: it is not possible to push a block when you are on a mount.

To have access to 5-1

  • 50 000$
  • 1 co-team
  • The golden key

For the 50,000, will probably have to start from higher because the world before it will be limited. It is possible to have enough money by breaking the pots that trigger the ghosts because there are diamonds at $ 10,000 but hey, it’s not easy.
For the team-mate, it’s also complicated because they like to stupidly kill each other. Tip, if you take it in your arms and put it on the ground, it will go into “sleep” until the end of the level.
Finally for the key, no problem, it is in the 1st world and you just have to carry it with you to the bottom …

Once all the tunnels have been dug, you will have already managed to acquire some great skills in the game and therefore normally you should be able to finish it … well in its short version …
But the crazy thing about Spelunky is that it is full of treasure and hidden levels but that’s for another time.