[HOT] : Star Wars collections soon available in physics on PS4 and Switch

Several Star Wars classics will soon be available on PS4 and Switch in boxed format starting at the end of October.

While waiting for the next remake of The Knights of the Old Republic, the consoles PS4 et Switch will have very soon right to the physical editions of the two Star Wars collections also supported by Aspyr. One will combine the two Jedi Knights (Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast), the other will consist of Star Wars Racer and Star Wars Republic Commando.

Admittedly, this has already been mentioned, however a small difference should be noted: the two versions will be released on different dates and not at the same time as previously announced. If the versions planned for the hybrid of Nintendo will appear on the day indicated above, November 16 therefore, the one that will land on the Sony machine will announce itself a little earlier, that is to say October 26.

Both compilations will be accessible from 29.99 euros each.

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