[HOT] : Star Wars: two new collections of historical games to slip under the tree for PS4 and Switch

Aspyr Media is not idle. In addition to being at the helm of remake of the legendary Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on PC and PS5, the studio announces the release of other no less legendary games on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection and Star Wars Racer & Commando Combo will release digitally and in box on October 26 at Sony and November 16 on Switch. Both collections will be displayed at € 29.99.

Portages of legend

The Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection is incomplete in that it shuns the inaugural episodes of Dark Forces and Dark Forces II, released in 1995 and 1997 respectively. Jedi Knight II (2002) and its sequel Jedi Academy (2003), which naturally find their place in this compilation.

Of a very different kind, Star Wars Racer & Commando Combo offers not only arcade-style races on Star Wars Episode I: Racer, but also fierce first-person confrontations in the skin of a soldier of the republic with Star Wars Republic Commando.

Note that these different titles are already available individually on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Let’s say above all that the box format makes it easier to slip them under a tree.