[HOT] : The GALAX GAMER RGB DDR5 series will allow you to customize memory modules with LEGO

GALAX showcased its next-generation GAMER RGB series DDR5 memory modules that will take a unique approach to customization.

GALAX GAMER RGB DDR5 series memory modules will be customizable with LEGO

We’ve seen a line of next-gen DDR5 memory modules from various manufacturers, but GALAX’s modules seem to have a unique design. The company will offer its GAMER series RGB memory modules with a design inspired by LEGO and Tetris. The main heat sink will use a red or blue color scheme and feature Tetris-themed designs, while the top of the mods will contain attachments for the LEGOs. In fact, GALAX will ship DDR5 memory from the RGB series with a total of 6 bricks that can be attached to the light diffuser on the top. Users will be able to further customize the modules with their own designs and the possibilities here seem endless.

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GALAX GAMER RGB DDR5 Series memory modules have been shown. (Image credits: Preview)

The GALAX GAMER RGB Series DDR5 memory modules are not the first time GALAX has taken this unique approach as their GAMER GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards also feature a similar design. As for the specs, it looks like GALAX will stick to standard DDR5-4800 speeds and the memory kits will initially be available in 32GB (16GB x 2) versions, but the company plans to offer more capacity. high 64 GB (32 GB x 2) and 16 GB (8 GB x 2) in the future with faster clocks.

The price is expected to be moderate, but availability would be limited to the Asia-Pacific market, as this is where the GAMER series is primarily aimed. GALAX will also later release its HOF series memory kits, which will deliver even higher speeds and overclocking capabilities using the best integrated circuit.

Here are all the DDR5 kits we have seen announced so far:

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