[HOT] : There is already a date for the presentation and release of MIUI 13 by Xiaomi

All Xiaomi smartphone users are waiting for the new MIUI 13. This Android customization case should arrive soon and bring many new features for these devices.

With several dates put forward as probable for their arrival, there is still no certainty. Now, and according to a known leaker, there is already a release date for MIUI 13 and it will be very soon.

Every year Xiaomi releases a new and improved version of MIUI. It is your personalization of Android and where the manufacturer puts the news that it creates throughout the year that improve the experience of using smartphones.

MIUI 13, which is expected to arrive later this year, is expected to follow the development line of previous versions. This means that you will focus on security, privacy, and modifying the GUI to make it even more attractive and easier to use.

With some information already known, MIUI 13 is already a certainty for Xiaomi. The manufacturer has already recognized that it is preparing this new version and that it should launch it for many already known smartphones, keeping its level of updates high.

Now, and coming from a known leaker, the information many have been waiting for has arrived. MIUI 13 will already have a release date, slated for the end of the year, in an event that Xiaomi will be preparing, which would take place on December 16.

On the same date, which should be the right one, Xiaomi will unveil other news from its catalog of offers. It should be on this day that Xiaomi will make its long-awaited new smartphone known to the world, the Xiaomi 12, in its variants.

Since the presentation will be for the Chinese version of MIUI 13, it is expected that a few days later the Global version will appear to users. Naturally, the new version will also have to go through a testing phase after its reveal.

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