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[HOT] : This Western Digital 2TB external hard drive boasts an unbeatable price

[HOT] : This Western Digital 2TB external hard drive boasts an unbeatable price

Storing large files on our devices can quickly turn into a puzzle. This is why it is important to have one or more hard drives. This week, we invite you to take advantage of a discount on the Western Digital Elements 2TB available at € 56.99.

The WD Elements 2TB hard drive in two words:

A good, very affordable storage solution

Let’s start with some formalities applied to this offer hosted by Amazon. The American site specializing in online sales offers free home delivery for all its customers in mainland France. A withdrawal point can also be selected by you if necessary. As for the manufacturer’s warranty on the WD Elements hard drive, it is valid for two years. No additional insurance is offered on this item.

Obviously, subscribers to the Amazon Prime program (free trial then € 5.99 / month or € 49 / year) will have the opportunity to receive their packages more quickly. In addition, payment in four installments free of charge will be available to them from € 75 of purchase. As for the ultimate benefits, let’s underline the presence of exclusive discounts and access to platforms like Prime Video and Amazon Music.

WD Elements: a robust and generous hard drive

Let’s move on to the technical characteristics of this 2.5-inch external hard drive. It has 2 TB of free space to accommodate your largest personal data. Whether for video games, movies or any software, you will always find room. Once your computer has been emptied of a few large files, its performance can be significantly improved.

Another good news is that this model is compatible with USB 3.0 ports. This makes it possible to achieve impressive transfer speeds. USB 2.0 backward compatibility is required. Finally, the case is very robust and this Western Digital hard drive will hold without any problem for several years.

Keep your data safe

You could imagine, but Western Digital is not the only brand to offer storage devices that are both powerful and reliable over the long term. There are many solutions for backing up your files outside of a device. That’s why we’ve created this selection of the best external hard drives to get in 2021. It’s up to you to choose according to your budget and the desired capacity.