[HOT] : This YouTuber has assembled a laptop PC that works with macOS Big Sur

Apple, as we know, doesn’t allow users to run macOS on non-Mac devices, at least not officially. This does not prevent DIY enthusiasts from booting Apple’s desktop operating system on unsupported devices, through the “Hackintosh” process. It is therefore by taking advantage of this process thatYouTuber built a compact laptop that runs on Apple’s macOS Big Sur.

YouTuber Ike T. Sanglay Jr. recently shared a video in which he can be seen building a DIY pocket PC, running macOS Big Sur. While the device has no practical use in the real world, it’s pretty cool to see a portable device running Apple’s desktop operating system.

Getting to the technical details, Ike used a LattePanda Alpha SBC (Single Board Computer) to build the device. The LattePanda Alpha includes an Intel Core m3 processor associated with 8 GB of RAM and an Arduino Leonardo microcontroller board. The YouTuber also used a 240GB SATA SSD with macOS Big Sur preinstalled and a custom 3D printed case to house the components.

You can watch the 8 minute video in which Ike assembles all the components right above.

Once it’s done, the YouTuber will finally start the device and it seems to be working fine. However, although the interface seems to be working fine, the battery indicator is not working as expected.

A simple DIY project

It should be mentioned that the cost of building this handheld device is higher than the price of the latest Mac mini M1. However, that didn’t stop Ike from building the device from scratch, as getting a Mac mini isn’t as much fun as building a handheld device with a screen and keyboard capable of running macOS from scratch. Apple.

In addition, it also highlights the fact that you can easily install macOS on UMPCs (ultra-mobile PCs) as well as on GPD devices. However, it wouldn’t be a DIY handheld, right? The device is therefore the result of Ike’s amusement with his creative technical skills.