[HOT] : Thomas Pesquet: this very special gift that Pierre Niney sent him on board the International Space Station

It has been almost six months since Thomas Pesquet boarded the International Space Station as part of the Alpha mission. Very active on the Instagram social network, which he uses as a log, he regularly shares photos and videos of his daily life to the delight of his subscribers. After revealing his very original technique for growing plants in space and delivering a little spicy detail about his meals, the astronaut unveiled the interior of a new ISS module. Since the start of her stay 400km from Earth, Anne Mottet’s companion has also had the chance to receive gourmet packages, such as ice cream and cheese, which boost her morale.

On board the ISS, Thomas Pesquet was treated to various little attentions. Last July, the astronaut attended a private screening of the film Kaamelott – First part from space. And this, thanks to an online petition that had collected more than 10,000 signatures. Three months later, it’s another feature film that the spaceship pilot has the chance to discover. As Pierre Niney has revealed, a copy of the thriller Black Box, released in theaters in early September and in which he stars, has been sent aboard the International Space Station. A news that the actor rejoiced on his Twitter account on Wednesday, October 20.