[HOT] : Trek to Yomi: The Black-and-White Samurai Game Unveils Cutting-Edge New Video

Feudal Japan continues to have the wind in its sails: after the success of Ghost of Tsushima, the very cinematographic Trek to Yomi cuts once again to the heart.

This summer, the publisher Devolver Digital took advantage of the spotlight offered by what remains of E3 to unveil Trek to Yomi, a black and white samurai game that aptly takes the opposite of the game of Sucker Punch released last year. Exit the open world: Leonard Menchari’s game opts for a more classic path, in order to pay a personal tribute to the action games of yesteryear.

La star Trek (to Yomi)

After setting the scene, the Los Angeles-based developer now offers to reveal the motivations of Hiroki, a samurai warrior haunted by the defeat of his former master, whom he wishes to avenge in blood, like any good hero. of action movie.

In the space of a minute and a half, We therefore discover a vengeful hero, who does not hesitate to abandon the handling of his katana from time to time to exterminate his enemies with jet weapons, and even a good old tanegashima, a firearm that the samurai of feudal Japan actually carried. And the developer to explain:

This new insight demonstrates the importance of patience and timing in the game’s combat system: turn the opponent’s force against them to knock them off balance and deliver a fatal blow, all in one simple movement. . The magnificent but terrifying lands of Trek to Yomi are populated by lancers, archers, riflemen and even creatures that were believed to be reserved for folk tales …

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