[HOT] : Twitter still not working with you? Try to connect to 4G or via a VPN

Twitter and Telegram remained inaccessible for a dozen hours between September 30 in the evening and October 1 in the morning. The problem mainly affected the connections established from the fixed network of the incumbent operator.

Since September 30 in the evening and until October 1 in the middle of the morning, many Internet users have encountered problems accessing Twitter and Telegram. Websites, apps or mobile sites have remained inaccessible to many people in France, as DownDetector’s Twitter and Telegram pages report. Connection to FIFA 22 game servers also appeared to be disrupted.

The problem seemed to particularly affect Wi-Fi connections established via Orange boxes. Many IP addresses from the operator’s fixed network could not establish a connection with the microblogging site, or the instant messaging application.


Strangely, switching to 4G on Orange’s mobile network seemed to solve the problem, for some users. Connecting to Wi-Fi, but via a VPN, also made it possible to restore access to the affected services. The problem was therefore more likely with the operator, than with Twitter or Telegram. The DNS of Orange were not a priori in question, since even going through those of Google, the problem persisted.

IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCESS TWITTER SINCE Yesterday evening via Orange, am I the only one?


The testimonies on DownDetector, as well as the messages of many Internet users on Twitter, pointed the finger at the fixed network of Orange. However, not all customers were affected, some still managing to connect to the different platforms via their box.

For the moment, neither Orange, nor the official accounts of Twitter France or Telegram have reacted to deliver explanations.