[HOT] : What is a VPN and why do you need a VPN to play online?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service added to your Internet that allows you to access the Web in a private and secure manner. It routes your connection through a server and hides your online actions.

From the user’s perspective, once the VPN is started, the software encrypts data before your ISP or WIFI sees it. The online destination sees your data coming from the VPN server and its location instead of your computer and location.

Without the VPN, your connection is open to anyone who wants to view your data. As a business, it can harm your information. Everything from financial reports to clients and more.

The Internet is made up of many servers responsible for storing websites and their information. When you connect to a site, your server is in communication with its server and data is shared. This allows you to browse a page and make purchases or collect information.

Use a high-quality gaming VPN

There are many ways for a gaming VPN to improve your online gaming performance. Here are a few:

  • It reduces latency by redirecting traffic to less congested networks.
  • It allows you to change your virtual location so that you can purchase restricted or geo-locked games.
  • It protects your online identity from hackers by encrypting your data and game files.
  • It allows you to connect to any game server and gives you the ability to play with your friends all over the world.
  • It prevents bandwidth throttling by ISPs, giving you uninterrupted connection while playing.

Why choose PureVPN for online gaming

Over 6,500 VPN servers

With PureVPN, you can choose from a huge range of servers in many locations around the world. Such a choice allows you to access more games and experience less latency.

VPN features for better performance

When it comes to online gaming, top notch performance really matters. So, to help you get the best possible VPN performance, we’ve implemented a set of handy features like Optimal Server, Optimal Protocol, and Ping Test. Be sure to try them out!

Personal server for games

Want to make your online experience even better? There is a great deal just for you – Personal Gaming VPN Server. Unlike other VPN servers that you share with tens or even hundreds of other users, Personal Server is yours and yours only. So, you can enjoy the best connection speed when playing online games.

DNS firewall that blocks malware

During tournaments or other important matches, you wouldn’t want anything to interrupt your game. PureVPN has a built-in DNS firewall that detects and blocks malicious links, pop-up ads, and other inappropriate content, which can flood your device when you least expect it.