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[HOT] : What is Roblox Metaverse Champions?

[HOT] : What is Roblox Metaverse Champions?

Whispers of the Roblox The Metaverse Champions event sparked across Robloxia as new unlockable characters appeared in the Avatar Store. Not much else is known about this mysterious event, however, a glaring question remains: what about Egg Hunt 2021?

Who are these mysterious metaverse champions?

Designed and created by the Roblox company, four new epic characters appeared on the Avatar store just days after the 8th annual Bloxy Awards. These characters are AJ Striker, the soldier through time; Fey Yoshida, the subway’s planetary artist; Wren Brightblade, the great adventurer; and Sparks Kilowatt, the positivity star. Judging by the Metaverse theme, we feel like these four characters are all from their own universe.

In the Avatar Shop, each character is categorized as a Bundle – meaning unlocking the character will reward you with the entire design, from Sparks Kilowatt’s hair to their left and right arms. This should be great news, as the mix ‘n’ match aspects of each bundle allow you to choose exactly what you want to wear.

Additionally, characters can only be unlocked by collecting special chests, which we assume is a primary objective of the event. For example, AJ Striker’s description says:

He has participated in almost all battles throughout time. His cyborg arm is a 2100s trend: he created and tied it himself! Earn this bundle by collecting all four of AJ’s Crate Drops and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub.

It seems that each player will need to collect four types of chests per character. They are as follows:

Despite all this information, we still have tons of questions:

But here is what we are still wondering:

What is the Metaverse Champions event?

Beyond the information we’ve pulled from the character descriptions in Metaverse Champions, no one seems to understand what this event entails. Even DeeterPlays seems lost for what could be the Metaverse Champions event.

As of this writing, we’re all scratching our heads until more details are revealed.

What about Egg Hunt 2021?

So what about Egg Hunt 2021, indeed. As the Easter holidays approach, we expected this year’s 2021 Egg Hunt: In the Metaverse to have already started. Most confusing is that many games – Brain Simulator and Fire Breathing Simulator, to name a few – seem to have started their own egg hunt events. However, these recent egg hunts are only in-game, including the rewards for finding all the eggs.


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For example, the developers of Brain Simulator hid 8 eggs in their game, with a secret animal as a reward. However, this secret animal appears to be related to the individual Brain Simulator; no other game in the Roblox The Metaverse involves the Brain Simulator one event.

This leads us to believe that those individual egg hunts that have sprouted throughout the week do not correspond to the Metaverse Champions event. They most likely might not be part of the official Egg Hunt 2021: Into the Metaverse event, either. Of course, this is all speculation.

Does the Metaverse Champions event replace Egg Hunt 2021? Or are these two events the same? We’ll only know what Roblox has planned when they roll out more information.

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