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[HOT] : WhatsApp improves voice calls with this new feature | Technology

[HOT] : WhatsApp improves voice calls with this new feature | Technology

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to improve calls within the app which will be of great use to you. We tell you what the new functionality is all about.

WhatsApp is constantly striving to introduce new features that improve the user experience and encourage users to continue using the platform in their everyday life.

Competition with Telegram and other instant messaging apps has intensified in recent times, especially after the new WhatsApp terms and conditions came into effect, which led many people to make the jump to other applications.

For this reason, improving the platform to stand out from the competition has taken on particular importance.

In recent weeks, we have seen new WhatsApp features, such as photos that self-destruct when viewed, the ability to send media in the best quality and without recompression or the future function of switching chats between a native iPhone and Android mobile.

Now, the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform is tackling improvements to one of the features most used by users: WhatsApp calling.

WABetaInfo, the portal specializing in information on WhatsApp news, has discovered a new feature that optimizes group calls.

The feature is currently available for the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, so you cannot use it in the stable version yet. At ComputerHoy.com we have access to this beta, so we can explain firsthand how it works.

On the one hand, WhatsApp has updated the user interface for group calls. Now it’s easier to find the option you’re looking for. In case someone doesn’t answer the call a call button appears to repeat the announcement and allow him to join once the call has started.

On another side, you will also have the option to join group calls later. If you couldn’t get into a group call from the start, when you re-enter WhatsApp, you will see a button to join in the Calls tab if the call is still in progress.

As we said, at the moment these improvements are not present in the standard version of WhatsApp, but should be available to everyone soon.