[HOT] : WhatsApp launches a multi-support mode to enjoy its messaging on four different devices

Facebook’s encrypted messaging system, WhatsApp, has just deployed its multi-device system in beta.

After a controversy over its new privacy policy at the start of the year, which is still a source of conflict, WhatsApp continues to work discreetly on new features. The encrypted messaging service has also been developing for many months a multi-support mode aimed at allowing the use of the same account on different devices simultaneously and without needing a nearby phone connected to the Internet.

On Tuesday, July 13, the platform announced the limited public beta deployment of the feature. The objective is therefore to improve the latter before a global deployment for all users.

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Make way for multi-media mode to use WhatsApp everywhere

As a reminder, today it is only possible to use WhatsApp on your smartphone. A PC application as well as a web interface also exist, but require the connection of the telephone to the Internet in order to function. In order to offer more freedom to users, Will Cathcart, director of WhatsApp, has just announced the arrival of multi-support mode in beta.

Through a blog article, we learn that this new feature will allow you to enjoy WhatsApp messaging on four different devices, without needing your smartphone to be connected to the internet. through this public beta, only a limited group of testers will currently be able to take advantage of multi-support mode. To explain this limitation, WhatsApp points out that its teams are currently working on improving performance and adding more features.

The Facebook group faces several technical challenges

In order to support several different devices for the same account, the Facebook group specifies that it has faced several major challenges. The main challenges concerned the security of conversations, and more precisely their encryption on each device. To do this, an identity key specific to each of the connected products will be created. Systems have also been put in place to prevent malicious people from adding devices to a user’s account or to reduce the number of times a person has to perform identity checks. A control center will also allow you to easily and quickly have a visual on the connected devices as well as those connected to your account.